Tyler Perry…………..and Lacrease

  Did you know blogging can become addictive? Im starting to think about it daily. I went to the book store today to get the new Essence with Tyler Perry in front. Ahhhhhh reading this story just took me to another level…………………….right on the spot. I have so much love and respect for this man. He has been through a lot of abuse. How many men are willing to admit or even discuss the fact that they’ve been beaten and abused? Maybe thats why he is so interesting, because he is willing to share his story no matter what anyone things of him. As far as he is concerned he is straight up Ministry Minded and all he wants is for others to “get it”.
Tyler talks about one beating • “I remember when I was 17, I did something that ticked him off—something minor,” he says. “My father grabbed me, threw me to the floor, and stomped me…. Those were really sad times. There were times when I felt I wasn’t going to make it. It was nothing but the grace of God that helped me make it through.” (Page 120)
I am still working on my next project for this summer. I want to be out and about doing thangs. I use to be so out going and so into people, just having fun. Its like Ive picked up weight and dont want to do nothing. Nahhhh not this year. Im camping out for spring this year. Im going to start walking like I use to do, and drink my slim fast shakes.
You know I sit here and look at my old photos of me and your gurl Crease was so fionne okay? But back then I was considered “fat” or a “big gurl” and Im so mad cause I allow those words to effect me. Now Im wayyyyyy bigger than those photos and I look back at them and I was the “bomb”. Thats why you have to feel good about yourself, listening to people’s thoughts and opinions ON YOURSELF” will have you messed up.
Tomorrow is Wednesday and Im going to start this “weight loss” thing over again. Without talking about it too much, I will post my daily intake of food and water.
Well, Im out for tonight. God bless you all! Cant wait to meet you all face to face in heaven.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

2 Replies to “Tyler Perry…………..and Lacrease”

  1. lol
    let me find out ur my soulmate friend!
    u say so much shyt i say
    u gonna make me write a book on all ur blogs gyrl! im supposed to b doin something an im still readin ur shyt! lol lol lol

    in heaven!!

    i ALWAYSSSSSSSSS say that…isnt that crazy we dont know each other and say and do alot alike!! lmaooo u dont know it yet…ha ha ha I learn the FIRST time u tell me…most of the times lol, but u KNOW! i like to quote cliches and just use lil anecdotes, i tell people its a cliche for a REASON! its GOT 2 b right!! lol, its got to b, so y let it prove itself to u…over and over and over and over…aghhhhh!!!1….n e way… i used to hate on Beyonce Knowles when she 1st came out…dont laff! lol….u no the media portrayed her badly, so i fed into that and basically dismissed her…so 1 nite i had a dream, even tho i dont remember everything about it, i got the jist of it….basically in this dream we were friends, i needed her and she was theree…when i woke up i was like wow G0D i dont know her, how can i judge her, how can i envy her, if I knew her personally Iknow i would love her… y not from afar? then i stopped that foolishness…thats her PATH to take…her experience to have…like her we all have paths…if we were all rich and beautiful it would be boring…lol..thats y he is so wonderful look at all the sizes, shapes, colors, personalities, characters…lol…the possibilities are endlesssssss…lol, so i tell people we will all b in heaven sharing our experiences, sharing how G0D blessed us all in a DIFFERENT way….im a reader….I KNOW there will be a library OF EVERYTHING..infinite KNOWLEDGE BEAUTY LOVE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gyrl

    thank G0D 4 u
    thank G0D 4 the blessings u r giving and don’t even realize
    thank G0D for this chance to Live and Praise Him!!

    stay blessed Sis!
    u r ON THE Right TRAKK!!!



  2. i luv Tyler Perry 2…i heard of his struggles and homelessness and everything he has endured!

    God is Great Gyrl!
    He is Fantabulous!!!!!!

    words cannot begin 2 give HIM justice


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