God Loves me

One day I was at the  mall looking for an outfit for my \’ A Virtuous Woman Dinner Gathering\” I had on June 21, 2003.
I went store to store trying to find something pretty and nice to wear. I couldn\’t find anything.  I was so discouraged. I was leaving Lane Bryant, when I heard God say, go back into the store and follow me. I turned around and was kinda in shock, because I heard his voice so loud and clear. I just did as I was told. I followed his spirit to the back of the store and started looking through a rack of clothes, when I got to this blue beautiful skirt set with the flair arms, I heard him say this one, wear this one. I cannot explain this feeling that went through my body. I went to the counter and bought it It is so pretty. I was in a daze because I never had anything like that ever happen in my life. I always complain that I don\’t have anyone special to pick out cute outfits for me.  So for him to do that for me was a feeling I will never forget.
Whenever I look at that outfit I think of just how much he loves me. Just how much he is in tuned with me. I believe that God desire for us to be tuned in, so that we can hear from him.
I always tell people, once you experience that real love from God, nobody will be able to mistreat you, hurt you, beat you, mentally abuse you, or anything. Its because you have experience the best, anything that is not good, you will not except it, because you wont be use to it.
You will always be happy for your family and friends when something special happens for them. You will be able to share in their joy, just knowing that if God did it for them, he could do it for you. You wont have to be jealous of anyone, because you are secure and content with the relationship that you and God share.
If a married man/woman step to you, you will be quick to tell him/her that he is married and you desire no friendship with him at all. You will even feel as if you are cheating on God if you are doing something you have no business doing/saying. ( I know). You will always want his wisdom in everything that you do.
God loves us so much. I just hope that everyone reading this entry go a little further (I will do the same) in reaching that ultimate friendship in him.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

2 Replies to “God Loves me”

  1. Oh He is SOO GOOD GYRL!
    hmmmmm imma take Him shopping wit me Next Week I need a dress for this party and a sista is on a TIGHT BUDGET!
    G0D is great!!!

    Thank u for the Testimony Baybee!
    Stay Blessed My Soulmate-Sista-In-Christ!


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