My dream…. it was something deep.

2009-09-01 00-13-44.900This morning I had a dream  that I just couldn’t shake at all. It wasnt scary or anything, I just wish that I knew someone who could explain it for me.

  Here it is: It was this  black lady who wore all black, something like a Levi pant and jacket outfit. She was always smiling, but EVIL as HELL. She had built this very large, what looked to be  an old school film projector that my teacher used at school back in the day.  This thing had wheels on it and did everything she told it to do. Everybody  was scared of the Power this woman had. She had terrorized the whole neighborhood, and was going block to block at any given time and was commanding this thing to shoot fire balls out on people. I was sooo scared in my dream I didnt know what to do. I remember peeping out my door and window just to see if her and this machine was going to come our way.

I was in the house with all my family members, we were together just in case we got killed. Somehow she got into my house and she kept looking at me. She said * Im about to do the paper work on you cause youre about to DIE*. She was staring at me, doing this dance and saying over and over again, that she was going to get her machine to set me on fire. She made me go outside but my family had to stay behind and watch me die looking out of the window. She was standing at a desk outside, still doing *paperwork* on me when I bust out and said. *Thats okay, you can kill me, but when God comes Im going to watch you burn in HELL!!! I said Im going to wake up again, but you are going to burn forever!! She was sooooo mad at me, but I kept talking and thinking that she was going to kill me anyway, so I should tell her how I felt. I looked down the street and here was her machine coming up the block. OMG I was so scared. I just kept on saying my peace to her, still she was doing her dances and telling me that I was about to die!!! I started praying and asking God to forgive me for all my sins, I told him that I loved him and my family and that I wanted to be with him forever.

 I felt peace.

 Then….. I looked up to the machine and she told it to KILL ME!!!! I fell to the ground,  I felt heat but only a little bit…………. then I died.

 As I was laying there in front of my house on the  side walk, all of a sudden this tall, HANDSOME, thick thigh , big stomach * like I like em man* PICKED ME UP off the ground and KISSED ME! When he did that I woke up. I was ALIVE!!! He had me hanging over his shoulders and he took me into the house with my family. He sat me on the couch and the lady that wanted me dead walked in. She couldnt see me at all but I could see her. Somehow she knew that once he kissed me and I was ALIVE, that she couldnt do anything with me  OR MY FAMILY EVER AGAIN. She was MAD too, because she wanted me dead. I was sitting on the couch watching it all go down.  He said a few words to her and she left. He told me that he was an Angel, and the way he looked at me, our vibe, and connection was strong. I knew right then and there that I was going to be his wife. Then I woke up…… I couldnt go back to sleep because that dream was so powerful. It felt so real. I was alive and she didnt have power over me anymore. My family was there they were so happy. I don’t know what this dream mean, but  I DO know its Spiritual. If someone who knows about dreams could comment or post, PLEASE DO SO!! PLEASE PLEASE! 

 Thanks for reading


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