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Hey Family


I was reading about EMPIRE on line a show which I truly enjoy, and decided to watch some YOUTUBE interviews to kinda get in the mind of  the Writer and Director Lee Daniels. To see where he’s coming from as the writer behind the hit show.

I was kinda shock to see some arrogance on his part… sorta like “I’m here to stay.. so get over my gayness”. And not only that! But “My show EMPIRE is doing well, and I will use it to promote my personal sexual experiences growing up… like it or not… AND to keep you interested…..I’ll lace it with DRAMA, LOVE, MURDER, ATTITUDE…AND anything else YOU like.”

Now before I go any further… let me be clear of how I feel about being GAY. I have nothing but LOVE for everyone. I respect everyone, and will never ever tolerate bullying.. in my presence at all when it comes to someone being bullied because of it. I have a dozen of friends who are gay, and I LOVE them dearly. But I have absolutely NO TOLERANCE  FOR THE ACT OF seeing men kissing each other, or women. Its something that makes me feel uncomfortable, and it does something to my Spirit. LET ME HAVE THAT!!! LET ME HAVE THAT!!!

NOW ..do I LOVE my friends…. YES I DO. Would I care to see them kissing or showing affection for someone of the same sex in front of me.. NO. FLAT OUT NO. NO. NO. NO. Why is that so hard for SOME gay people to understand? Yes.. we LOVE YOU… that’s PART 1… but why since I love you, I have to ACCEPT you being gay… which is always PART 2? All I have to do is LOVE you. I don’t have to accept/watch anything you do that makes MYYYYYYYY Spirit feel some kinda way. People get so offended about this. They want you to LOVE them… AND be okay with them showing affection to the one they love. Nooooo! Then throw up in your face, how if you LOVE them you would accept them being “them” with their partners in front of you. No, I don’t.

As I watch the video below.. skipping to 50 seconds in.. Lee talks about the testing with the audience of the Show EMPIRE and 2 men kissing each other. The writers and directors could see them behind a glass as they voted, but the audience couldn’t see them. He seems to have a problem with the FACT that people are just not okay with seeing it. Yes the show is a 10… but when asked about the gay scenes… its going to be a mixed reaction. Why can’t he accept that everyone will not be okay with this? Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean straight people want to see it. It looks weird. If I was one of the people doing the rating… I would rate it a 0 as well. Okay get over it. We still love gay people, we still love the show. Why do I have to give it a 10.. just because gay people are here to stay? Noooooo! That wouldn’t be my honest vote.

Call us HOMOPHOBIC Lee… I don’t care!!!! Why is that so hard to understand…DAYUM!!! Just because people MURDER each other, doesn’t make me have to love that its happening because its here to stay. If my nephew did some killing, I LOVE him, but I don’t have to support the act. AND YESS BEING GAY IS WRONG.. JUST LIKE MURDER, AND EVERYTHING ELSE GOD NAMED THAT WE ALL DO. QUIT CALLING WRONG RIGHT… JUST BECAUSE YOU FEEL SOME KINDA WAY about a member of the same sex. We are called to LOVE each other and not what the HELL WE DO. To me.. the reasons why Lee Daniels bought these gay scenes to the light is because he wants to share his experiences and knows others share the same. He is ( finally) in position to showcase it on his podium of TV so that others can  see it, get it, and know that it will not go away.. That cool…. and I can happily reject it every time.

Tyler Perry.. I LOVE him dearly. I LOVE THATHN… but WHY THE HELL do I have to watch his characters who are gay.. kiss and touch each other? What is the messages in these shows? Maybe I’m missing something? Is it awareness? What are these writers saying to their audience about these particular characters? In EMPIRE.. the mother accepts her son being gay while the dad doesn’t. In Tyler Perry’s show… the mom doesn’t accept it, but the dad does… and IM SAYING TO MYSELF WHAT IS THE POINT? Are you trying to prove that being gay is here to stay.. so get over it? While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, everyone.. and I LOVE showing people love.. I do not support gay relationships! So then this comes after…… “how can you say you love me… and don’t support WHO I AM?



I AM La’Crease



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