The Days of Noah #Coronavirus/BLOG

I never knew in a million years that I would see days like this. A virus so out cold and deadly that it has the whole world on lock down. There is so much to do during this time with all of the technology these days. I was on Messenger today with my brother, mom, and sister,Continue reading “The Days of Noah #Coronavirus/BLOG”


Hey Family!!! Whats going on? I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t been on as much…but I have got to share this. When your at work.. do everything in your POWER  to mind your own business.  There are so many people who have no PEACE… and will do everything in their power toContinue reading “PEACE in the WORKPLACE/BLOG”

Home Dreaming 9/ Kitchens/BLOG

A beautiful kitchen for a woman can be equivalent to a “Man Cave”… When women look for a home, the kitchen is the first place she goes to. A kitchen is suppose to set the atmosphere appetite for the evening.

Home Dreaming 8/Entertainment Room/BLOG

Entertaining-movie style….. in a dark or light “sleepy” atmosphere is like no other place to be. While being cozy… it can be challenging to stay awake in these beautiful rooms.

My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))

I love a BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN. When I see a kitchen on a photo or a walk through, instantly I can connect to it and see myself cooking. A woman loves a pretty, clean, bright kitchen with lots of space to move around in. A beautiful kitchen can be a deal breaker in a home thatContinue reading “My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))”