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A beautiful home makes a happy wife. A happy wife sets the thermostat for her whole family.

This fully furnished and sheltered patio space on the lower level contains a conversation seating arrangement, full dining table, and kitchen amenities and grill on the far wall. Stone flooring extends past pool area toward the guest house, while glass ceiling element allows for natural lighting.

Front living room space involves a similar arrangement of white sectional, twin chairs, and coffee table set before wide gas fireplace with floor to ceiling brick surround.

The kitchen features a grand dual-section island, with main body in dark cabinetry and white marble countertop plus natural wood dining space extension. Slate grey cabinetry abounds throughout, matching the dining set on left.

Large modern bedroom with white tile walls, recessed ceiling and fireplace.

Modern bedroom part of open concept home with glass wall and floor-to-ceiling picture window.

Cathedral white ceiling caps this simple, but well designed master bedroom.  Walls are also white set off against dark wood floor and dark brown bed.


Small modern bedroom with white patterned wallpaper, television in wall alcove, and small desk area in the corner of the room.

Large master bedroom with custom white paneling on walls, custom tray ceiling and one wall entirely windows with glass door to private balcony overlooking the ocean.

The brightest and cheeriest bedroom of them all... an outdoor bedroom being a covered four-poster bed on a concrete slab in a rock garden overlooking the ocean.  Now that's a bedroom!

Vaulted ceiling and sculpted metal chandelier hang above a wide expanse of plush cushioned brown sectional, glass coffee table, and massive stone brick fireplace over dark natural hardwood flooring.

White beam detailed ceiling stands over this beige and natural wood toned living room, featuring immense L-shaped sectional and leather armchair. Dark wood coffee table and entertainment cabinet add contrast with white marble fireplace.

Another modern design, featuring dark leather sectional centered on singular area of hardwood flooring in a sea of white marble. Cubic lighting displays overhead and throughout dining space in background.

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