Children Walking to School

The times has changed much from when I was growing up.

My parents were protective with us, but these days are way worse than it was then. I remember there were times when we wanted to go skating and my dad would tell us no, not today. I never understood what was different from the other days he would let us go. Now, that I’m an adult I see why there could be a number of things.

So many kids and teenagers are being snatched up in broad daylight. Some are let go, and some are raped and killed. I wish more parents would understand the importance of allowing your kids to go to school in groups. Maybe even team up with other parents to take the kids to school. Even if you have to make arrangements to go to work later. It should be a priority every school morning to make sure the kids made it there.

Just yesterday my cousin witness as she was dropping her daughter at school, a child was snatched. The police got there just in time to protect him from the parents that tried to beat him up. They were angry. And with every right. All of those parents had a thought, what if that child was mine? When kids are walking to school, some are still sleepy, hungry from lack of food, depressed, and a number of things. They don’t have the mentality to constantly look over their shoulders. As adults, we are caught slipping when being robbed, so you know kids aren’t that aware.

Keep your kids safe by knowing that they’re making it to school with a parent, or a large group of kids that are watching each others back.

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