Today was a good day. Business was busy… I had a good day as I try to have. I pray everyday either before I get up,  in the bathroom, or in the car. But tonight I feel like crying. I dunno why. ….well maybe I do. For one I get over whelmed with invites, calls, visits, gatherings, dinner dates. I just do. Too much is going on. I love people, thats a fact, but I get this over whelming feeling to be every where, and Im such a personal and private person. But I also know where God is taking me, I have to come out of it. Lord, how?????????????? Its like all of a sudden, things are moving at a fast pace for me. This is my issue, not anyone else. This is LaCrease’s issue. I just wish I had someone to guide me and show me how to do things in order where I won’t be over whelmed. I don’t like this feeling at all. Because I can feel my self  about to back out of things because its so much. I have got to come out of this. I have too. I have too Lord. Here is a list of things thats on my plate. LOL Im laughing on paper, but tears really are the ones that want to fall.

  • Someone I have nt seen a years wants to stop by tomorrow.
  • Next weekend Friday after working a 8 hour shift, THEN…. Im going on The Detroit River for a boat cruise 10pm 2 am
  • Next weekend Saturday work that morning, then to one of my best friends Dinner Gathering at her home * excited to see her and her hubby*
  • Next weekend Sunday my dad want to get Baptisted
  • A baby shower- coworker
  • Another Baby Shower one of my older Raisingurls
  • Another Baby shower nephew’s girlfriend
  • A house-warming party. A Bishop and his wife whom I grew up with
  • Ricky Dillard is doing a CD concert at my Church~ Second Ebenezer
  • A pamper me party
  • Nov 6, is our Sistergurl Meet and Greet … Movie and Dinner plus cake for one of my Sistergurls (BD)
  • Charlene and I have to buy gifts for the Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving * people who names we pull*
  • Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving sign up sheet needs to be past around * we already have 100 waters, and 3 huge cans of string beans*
  • Just started a 30 day fast, which is going well.
  • I have a friend who is in my Sistergurl group who is coming to Detroit to be with us ( Yea) cant wait to see her again
  • Rental Trucks and cars for these events
  • Need to start planning these 2 trips to ATL next year. SOON
  • Going to NY next year with my Maxwell Family
  • Last but really first. My Ministries Sistergurls  the BLOG ENTRIES and the 64 group of Sisters Website
  • Raisingurls to Women my BLOG ENTRIES and my group of  Teens Website
  • My cell phone rings all day,
  • My house phone rings all day
  • I got 1000 messages I havent even listened too, Im scared to do that, my friends are going to go off on me. LOL
  • And I get goo goobs of instant messages DAILY

Wow, for some reason, by writing this down, I feel better. Hmmmmm. Looking at it on paper is not as bad as it was in my head.  LOL Well, I know I wont do them all, but I will try. I love all my family and friends, this is MY issue. I dont want anyone to write, text or call me saying that they read my post. LOL Just know that this is MY ISSUE. This has NOTHING to do with you. I need prayer on this. Just have patience with me…. please. I need a car, I’m tired of driving Neisha’s  Good Night. Gotta go to sleep…… its one of those nights….. I feel like crying.



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