Disrespectful and Unacceptable……….Crees Blog Entry

ImageWhen I found out today that Dwayne Wade had a baby with another woman during the “taking a break” time… with Gabrielle …. it just hurt my heart. So many women and men, are just accepting anything just to keep from dealing with the fact that at some point their mate has SEXUALLY DISCONNECTED with them. Having sex with a person is one thing, but when you go out and have a baby, that means you didn’t wear protection, there is a chance for all kinds of diseases, and at some point you disconnected yourself with the relationship you had with that person.
A lot of times when people take a break from a relationship someone is either cheating, or cant decide if they want to marry. Or course there could be other reasons, not seeing each other much, a break down in communication but whatever the reason, if there ever was talk about “getting back together later on”, then there should NEVER be sex. But if you plan to “take a break” and both agree to see other people * a MAN would never agree to this* then both parties should ALWAYS wear protection. To ME…. if you want to take a break, and you start having SEX outside that break…. that means this woman was already on “deck”.
A man bringing home a baby outside of the relationship is DISRESPECTFUL AND UNACCEPTABLE to me. I don’t care of he says….”but we weren’t together”.
Here is a list of all the ISSUES of bringing a baby into the picture when you “take breaks” from a relationship will cause.
  • it takes money out of the home for the next 18 years plus college
  • have to deal with this baby mother WHENEVER SHE CALLS
  • dwayne will try hard EVERYDAY OF HIS LIFE to make sure that gabrielle is comfortable.
  • her self esteem WILL go down
  • she’ll have PEOPLE ON DECK AT ALL TIMES to cry and talk with because she’ll go through different emotions.
  • she’ll NEVER let him live it down. EVER….NEVER
  • she’ll be insecure when he’s out on the rode…
  • she’ll find herself wanting to see his texts, inboxes, and voice messages
  • she’ll find herself obsessed with trying to “catch him” to keep from feeling “played” again
  • she’ll have to look into the face of the baby and say to herself… this is NOT your fault beautiful baby….. for the way I may feel about you and this situation from time to time
  • she’ll have to listen closely to the mother of the child for “special instructions” concerning HER FIANCE’S baby
  • she’ll have to accept the fact that if the baby is sick, dwayne has to go and see about the baby….. with/without her
  • he’ll have to listen to her family and friends concerns and issues concerning the new baby
  • they both will have to face many questions WHENEVER they’re seen in public
  • she’ll have to deal with any drama that comes her way, because of this
  • she’ll forever be defensive in her interviews, she’ll feel it will show her strength * it won’t*
  • it will take years and years for her to ever trust him… if she does
I hope that this marriage can survive. Please don;t hurt her anymore.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

One Reply to “Disrespectful and Unacceptable……….Crees Blog Entry”

  1. Gurl if u didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one. Samething I said to my friend I’m sorry but I’m judging bcuz I’m a woman we go through all these emotions bcuz some of these men just expected us to deal with it if we want to deal with them. But like I said that’s rich people problems he can deal with it money but the baby is still going to struggle bcuz he wont br there half the time. Gurl memories


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