Just a Quick hey…..



I know I’ve been MIA. Well, I’ve been busy with family and just trying to regroup myself. But hope fully I can clear my head out of the happenings going on in and around me. Off to bed, have a busy next 4 days. Friends are in town, baby showers I missed and will miss tomorrow, a seminar on Sunday,  several Birthday gatherings tomorrow , luau coming up… 2 Sistergurl chat on Monday with different people.. OMG…I promise if I get invited to anything else in September… I can’t make it. I’m so done for the summer. Went to dinner with my parents today and my gurl Nesha * daughter*.. had a wonderful time. Went riding and looking for furniture. My dad really enjoyed himself today. Anyway…….. have to go to bed.. Brows and mall tomorrow….I’m sleepy. I have videos to catch up on….NOT TO MENTION MY OWN BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP SEPT 3. Alright.. I’m gone.

Be Blessed

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