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Hey Family

Just dropping in. Off from work tonight and for some reason after a nap I can never go back to sleep through the night. Just finish instant messaging my BRIDE.. Image (5)and she just responded. LOL Its 5:35 am. I got a call today from another good friend and she and her fiance asked me to be their WEDDING COORDINATOR next year. Yeah.. so excited about that. Not to mention someone very close to me ask me to do their wedding as well. I Thank God for all of the EXPERIENCE I asked him to give me. People are asking me left and right to help them. They know I like to put together gatherings and really trust me. That’s so great to know. One of my truest friends My BFF Gloria is very good with events as well, just so happens since we’ve been knowing each other for so long, we are both apart of these two weddings.

Lately, I’ve been really busy with my parents, spending time with my siblings, and just helping out in the wedding, getting myself mentally ready for this day next month. Not to mention some otha stuff going on.  I met this guy in my apartment building.. met him in the elevator. He’s a nice looking guy, an electrician, live alone, he’s a nice guy. But I’m not attracted to him. He’s been calling me a lot and I’m just not interested. Some men feel that since you are single, that you want to be bothered with them. Not me.. I like to do my own thing, I’m never ever BORED OR LONELY. I have too much to do, plan and think about. But… I’m attracted to this guy who lives on my floor. OMG this man is so fine and handsome to me. I don’t know his name, but I saw him today just so happened when I opened my door, he was standing at the elevator. Why is it that the one we want, we can’t have, but the one who blows up our phone, we don’t want? Anyway.. I’m too busy right now in my life to do anything. So.. I’m good! I promise myself that I will not let my schedule overwhelm me. I’m taking one day at a time.

I need to be catching up on a few shows before daylight. My to do list is around the corner!! LOL

Talk soon

I AM La’Crease FullSizeRender (72)(( I don’t have to do anything else))

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