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What a week this has been!

Has to run some errands on the West Side yesterday which was 45 minutes from my apartment. My brakes started scrapping and making all these noises. I knew I needed some but when they start making noises when I  make stops that means they must be fixed. 

Soooooooooooo, this morning I had to go to court for a traffic violation, and the COP shows up.. (( ugh)), so I went on and paid the $195.00 then had to go and have my brakes repaired. Good thing my  brother -n- law does them, but I had to wait until he got off work at 8. I’m just getting home and situated and its after 12 am.

I’m so tired, seem like the weekend is here and back to work already again. My coworkers wanted to go to Applebees for $1.00 Margaritas but I had to take care of my car. We both put in to have this Saturday off so that we could go and see Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween 2, but she got it off and I didn’t. Yes, pissed about that, but oh well. I’m off Sunday, if I’m not tired I’ll go.

With all this warm weather going on here in Michigan, Christmas will be here before we know it, Its almost November and you can say Christmas is next month. We are still in the 70’s here and usually its cold and rainy this time of month. I’m very dehydrated too. I have been drinking water but it seems like its not enough. I hate when it makes me feel heavy too.

Guess, I’ll head out to bed, cant even think of half the stuff I was going to post. Well, Goodnight!~

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