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Sometimes I have to have talks with myself

I have to say it out loud TO MAKE IT CLEAR

I have to just pay attention… LOOK, SEE and be quiet

I have to think about it, to make sure I’m not overreacting

I have to let days go by, to make sure its not just me tripping

Usually things change in a few days because I may be in my feelings

I see it

I have to check myself too

God, I see it so clearly now



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Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG

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What a week this has been!

Has to run some errands on the West Side yesterday which was 45 minutes from my apartment. My brakes started scrapping and making all these noises. I knew I needed some but when they start making noises when I  make stops that means they must be fixed. 

Soooooooooooo, this morning I had to go to court for a traffic violation, and the COP shows up.. (( ugh)), so I went on and paid the $195.00 then had to go and have my brakes repaired. Good thing my  brother -n- law does them, but I had to wait until he got off work at 8. I’m just getting home and situated and its after 12 am.

I’m so tired, seem like the weekend is here and back to work already again. My coworkers wanted to go to Applebees for $1.00 Margaritas but I had to take care of my car. We both put in to have this Saturday off so that we could go and see Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween 2, but she got it off and I didn’t. Yes, pissed about that, but oh well. I’m off Sunday, if I’m not tired I’ll go.

With all this warm weather going on here in Michigan, Christmas will be here before we know it, Its almost November and you can say Christmas is next month. We are still in the 70’s here and usually its cold and rainy this time of month. I’m very dehydrated too. I have been drinking water but it seems like its not enough. I hate when it makes me feel heavy too.

Guess, I’ll head out to bed, cant even think of half the stuff I was going to post. Well, Goodnight!~

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Learn From My Words/BLOG

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Being a writer… you have to be careful of how you word things…

My Momma always told me, that my mouth was going to get me in trouble someday

Sometimes I come off too strong and offend others

I NEVER EVER EVER curse people out, but I can put together a def defying sentence



Only God can get me out of this one

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Virgo Women/BLOG

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One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF.

I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.

Virgo WOMEN……. are some CRAZY, FUN LOVING, LAUGHING, GOOD TIME HAVING, PEOPLE. We love to laugh and surround ourselves with loving people. At work, my coworkers say they can hear me laughing all over the building. I’ve always laughed loud, because it hits me in my mind first, then it carries out to my mouth. Virgo women are those that walk up in a gathering, and THEN THE PARTY STARTS!!!!

VIRGO WOMEN……..ARE VERY very very VERY territorial about our kids, family and friends. We don’t play when it comes to them at ALL. If my momma is not answering her phone. She knows I’m going to BLOW HER PHONE OUT OF HER PURSE. She knows this. She knows I’m that CRAZY child that will jump in my car, and be on my way to kick her door in. LOL  To make sure she’s not dead or cant get to her phone. She knows this about me. My dad the same way, don’t let me call him and he’s not answering his cellphone. They know I’m crazy like that, so she will let me know where she’s going ahead of time so I won’t worry, and I have all the places she goes on SPEED DIAL… and she knows if she doesn’t answer…. I’M ON MY WAY!!! My daughter the same way. We both have iPhones, when she’s out and about (( sometimes)) (( Me: rolls my eyes)) she’ll send me her location. Most times she’s with her boy friend so I’m good with that, because he’s good people and he KNOWS me and her dad DON’T PLAY when it comes to her. But one time we were suppose to go someplace and she wasn’t answering her phone early in the morning.. Baaaaby… I put my shoes on, jumped in my car and I was at her apartment in seconds (( she lives just around the corner from me)). I stuck my key in her door and she jumped up out of her sleep. She knew then, that momma don’t play and she betta answer the phone. LOL LOL This is why Virgo Women don’t mess with people’s kids, we stay in our lane. That’s because we don’t want anyone to mess with ours.

VIRGO WOMEN…..are LOYAL. We LOVE our friends. We will tell them the truth and not sugar coat anything. Over the years, I had to learn how to be truthful but at the same time, say it in a way that it won’t offend the person. Most people can handle the truth, but it has to be spoken in a gentle way, and sometimes when we want people to really get it, we can say things rough. But, we don’t mean that you are dumb or stupid, we ‘re just passionate about you getting what we are bringing to you.  We won’t stand for anyone to talk about our friends. We feel that if you have something negative to say about my friend, then go tell if to YOUR friends. We are not the people you bad mouth our friend to. We don’t play that. One thing about us tho, if we find out that you have been DISLOYAL all the time with us, using things we told you against us, USING us, talking behind our backs about us, WE WILL CUT YOU OFF LIKE A DEAD TREE IN THE GROUND!!! We won’t have ANYTHING to say to you ever. If you keep sending us emails, calling our phones and leaving messages and we don’t respond.. LET IT GO. We are done. It makes us madder and madder, please believe we are sitting back thinking of ways to chop your whole body up, and package it in a fingernail polish bottle to send to …….. you fill in the blank. But then of course, we feel bad, and ask God to forgive us for those  CRAZY thoughts and get back to our lives. We just want PEACE!

VIRGO WOMEN… Love to communicate. We have to make sure that we know exactly what is going on in order to do things correctly. I may ask you 100 questions, because I want to get things right. I want direct details. We are some investigators too. You can’t just tell a Virgo woman anything. We’ll get to the bottom of the truth no matter how long it takes. We know people in high places and we will use all of our resources. I remember I was dating this guy we were very close. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and had a feeling that he was out doing something he had no business doing. I jumped in my car about 3-4 in the morning and went to the areas I know he goes to all the time, and saw his car in the drive way of someone he had been with previously. We were done as a couple. But the point I’m making is, we will do our  homework based off what we are feeling and what we may know. It will KILL  a Virgo woman to not act upon her intuition. If Im new at a job and you are the person that comes to me and tell me everything about everyone in the building… Im side eyeing you FIRST. VIRGO women like to get to know people for ourselves. You cant tell us about other people. NOW.. WE WILL KEEP EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN OUR MINDS… WE TAKE MENTAL NOTES ON EVERYTHING….. because we may need it later. Because when we realize that person was right, we have all the first hand information stored in our minds, and we WILL DISCONNECT FROM THAT PERSON ON SITE!

Virgo women.. well some. Don’t like to go through people’s private things. I just can’t. Its about privacy to me. I was dating this therapist years ago, I met him because I use to clean his office building. When he was gone, I loved going up in his room and snooping through his drawers, desk and other things. I couldn’t wait to find something new, so that I could bring it up the next day. Boy was that ignorant and silly. I don’t care whats in his office, room, phone, home…. just as long as we’re good.. Im fine. NOW……. If some information come to me.. that’s when the VIRGO WOMAN HAS TO INVESTIGATE….. and trust meeeeeeeeeee.. WE INVESTIGATE LOL Imma leave this right there! LOL

VIRGO WOMEN… Work!!! I never complain at my job. I do my work and do it well. My bosses loves me and I love them. I don’t give them any lip, any talk back, I don’t disrespect them, or curse in front of them even if they are comfortable saying a curse word in front of me. When a VIRGO woman is not feeling it, she wont go to work and spread her irritated atmosphere, she will stay home and get herself together. We work hard!!! Once a VIRGO WOMAN know her job description, she will run the business like its hers. VIRGO WOMEN cant stand complaining, whinny people. It irritates our souls to hear about aches and pains when that person can be in bed. Virgo women hate complaints!!!! We cant stop whoa is me type of people. I tell people to BOSS UP!!! When we work with people who complain, it messes up the whole atmosphere. We cant stand tell a tells. We believe in going to the person  and having a smiley face talk with them, after that.. WE DON’T DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE. To a Virgo you are INVISIBLE…. NOT EVEN HERE., NOT EVEN BORN, NOT EVEN KNOWN. WE ARE DONE!

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Donald Trump Ramblings/ /Blog

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Donald Trump….. Man, I just dont know what to say about him. Its all about POWER to him. He’s the kind of person that if you don’t agree with him there is HELL TO PAY! Especially if you work for him. He’s a bully. Flat out. He wants things HIS way, and he wants you to agree with him. He’s sarcastic,  arrogant, VERY IGNORANT, and just STUPID. Let me explain my VERSION OF STUPID. He doesn’t know how to speak, he uses wrong words to explain a tragedy. He speaks about the wrong things at the wrong time. He’s fake. If you don’t look like him, but is another race AND AGREE WITH HIM… then you’re good people to him. His solution to problems is.. THROW THE WHOLE GROUP AWAY!!! When I say group that means all the people who don’t agree with him on any topic.

He is sooo JEALOUS of Obama. I never seen a man so jealous of another man in my life. So, I thought about it. He’s jealous because he knows OBAMA is just as POWERFUL as himself. Trump knows this, but see Trump doesn’t have the Characteristic, the style and grace, humbleness, Leadership, Godly atmosphere, the influence, the mindset, passion and KNOWLEDGE of a POWER person in a Presidential Seat. Trump knows this. He wakes up talking about Obama, he thinks about him all day everyday. He talks about him to his friends, his “workers”. Its just sad. Its also so unreal how he is trying to undo everything that Obama has done. All of these things were on his agenda if he became President.

I was too outdone when he pardoned his friend Joe Arpaio . Below is Joe’s tweet when he got out of jail. This man has done so much dirt.. I couldn’t even finish reading his WIKI. Its so out cold, his rap sheet is waiting on God if he hasn’t repented. Trump was so happy to be a person in POWER to pardon his friend. By his smile standing next to Joe, you can tell that he felt like a God. A person in Power to get someone out of jail. But this POWER won’t last long.

Thank you @realdonaldtrump for seeing my conviction for what it is: a political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama justice department!

If I don’t know a thing about God, I know THIS…. He has put people in POWER who needs a lesson learned. There are many stories in the bible that talks about how God wanted them to turn from their wicked ways, bullying, mistreatment of God’s people and many other lessons. I truly believe that God is going to have to do the same for Donald Trump. He was already rich from his own businesses, now he’s the President with MORE power. I really want to see how this all plays out. Trust and believe Trump is NOT in office because he can lead this country and was the best candidate. He’s in office because God put him there for a reason… and I’m excited to see how it all plays out! Just know, we will all SEE AND HEAR ABOUT IT. WATCH IT GO DOWN!
And WHO makes faces like these.. GOODNESS! Who???????
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