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I have a very close friend who happens to be my BOSS. I love this gurl as if she was my own sister. I’m 15 years older than her, I need to add. She’s a Virgo like me, she’s funny,  she means business, and she plays NO GAMES. I’m a Virgo too and what makes us good friends, is that we are alike in so many ways, its not even funny.


At work everyone knows how close we are. Everyone knows that we’ve been knowing each other since 2003 for a very long time. But for the last 5 years we’ve gotten very close.

I love and RESPECT her to the utmost. She’s my BOSS. Anything she tells me to do, I do it. I don’t give her lip, I don’t go back and forth, I do it. Our Communication is excellent and she doesn’t have to get on me about my work, or even threaten to write me up. I always want others to see that yes, she’s my BOSS and yes, I respect her, and our friendship. I would NEVER disrespect our work relationship with our friendship.


My friend doesn’t not know how to punch out AT work and turn the BOSS button OFF.

She’s a single Mother of 4, and even though she punches out from WORKING she has to stay in BOSS mode for her kids when she gets home. Okay, cool…..  I get that.

But when it comes to MEEEE… I don’t play that BOSS mode after we punch out. I’m La’Crease, my own woman. I do what I want to do, I change my mind when I want to and I DO THINGS MY WAY. She can NOT seem to turn off her BOSS button WITH ME and its effecting our friendship. After work sometimes we shop, I may take my time, and some days I may shop fast because I’m ready to go home.  I NEVER, EVER, shop with other women because in the past, I find that women shop differently. When I’m ready to go… I’m ready to GO! But my BOSS on the other hand, she shops fast sometimes, and no matter what, by me knowing I have my own car outside, I can chose to stay with her, or leave. There have been times in the past, where she goes into BOSS mode and want me to hurry up, or stop talking to others that I see (( I know a lot of people)) so that we can leave. Okay, fine she has a right to be ready to leave. BUT UNDERSTAND I DROVE MY OWN CAR, AND SHE CAN LEAVE WHENEVER SHE WANTS.. IM NOT MAD, IM HAPPY!  This gurl, gets mad and declare she is gone and that she’s tired of me talking to everybody. Which pisses me off, its not that you did it, its how you do it. This is why I ALWAYS drive MY OWN CAR. I never ride with anyone. That also have created tension. When you ride with people (( talking about someone else now)) especially women with strong personalities, they ALWAYS want you to ride with them. That’s how they control where we go, how long we stay, what time we go home. I DON’T PLAY THAT.. I drive MY OWN CAR. So when I’m ready to go, I’M GONE! I don’t want to hear no guilt tripping, or asking me why I’m leaving so early,  why Im not ready to go yet or why this or that.

We had a long talk about this yesterday with 2 other people. I kinda think she felt some kinda way after I told her she doesn’t know how to turn off the BOSS/MANAGER button OFF THE CLOCK. I told her that I’m a BOSS myself and I do what I want to do. I told her after work, I am a different person that I am at work. I’m submissive and very tuned into my work and I’m very respectful of Authority on the CLOCK.. BUT WHEN IM OFF THE CLOCK THAT’S MY TIME. I PLANT MANAGE AND SUPERVISE WHAT I DO.

Meaning when we’re out, and I want to leave early, that’s my business. I drove MY OWN CAR (( NEVER EVER ASKING ANYONE TO PICK ME UP)), then I’ll go home. I’m NOT at work and under a schedule of leaving at a certain TIME. Which is something she is use too. If  I change my mind about something, I CAN DO THAT BECAUSE I’M GROWN AND ON MY TIME! She’s having a huge problem with that. She can’t separate the two. She’s always on BOSS mode, and I’m not mad at her, but she seems to have a hard time accepting and dealing with my personality off clock, which is very different when I’m on the clock.

She also takes my ” Off the clock personality” PERSONAL. I told her stop doing that. This is MEEEEEEEEE off the clock. It has nothing to do with you. I don’t do what you say. I don’t always agree with what you agree with. I am La’Crease, and I live alone, pay my own bills, have my own EVERYTHING, I come to work and do I do everything you ask of me…. BUT AFTER WORK AND ON MY TIME……. I DO MY OWN THANG WHENEVER I WANT TOO. I’M THE BOSS OF ME. Of course I said it in a nice way, but still she’s not use to THESE words, she’s used to me saying… Okay I’ll get it done.

I love my friend, but she gotta get it through her mind…. on the clock, she’s my BOSS, off the CLOCK.. I’m THE BOSS!

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MY Dreams/BLOG

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Hey Family!!

Several times a week I like to sit and talk out loud to myself. Yes, I live alone so I talk out loud so that I can hear my own thoughts. Most times they’re about myself, or maybe something that happened and I want to go over it again. I do this to check myself. Sometimes, I can say something that someone heard differently than I meant, and I like to go over it a few days later, to see where I can better communicate. But mostly, I like to examine my heart.

I was talking to a male coworker of mines and I came to the conclusion that I need to study my bible more. I told someone today.. I’m half way through life… I’m 50, I’m almost to the “next level”. LOL I gotta laugh at my own thoughts. But it’s true.

I pray and talk to Jesus daily, but, I NEED TO STUDY MORE.  I love my closeness with God. I love how he speaks to me. I just feel that its always more to him. No matter how many times you read a Scripture it will always come back to you in a different light at another time. I hope you got that. But you have to put in the time. You have to make time (( I’m talking to myself as well)). You have to set aside time for God. Yes, yes, yes we get off track, not to say we don’t love and acknowledge him, but that study time, and time alone is EVERYTHING. Sometimes I get wrapped up in LIFE, and we lose sight of whats really important.

I remember Tyler Perry would write his fans these long uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring emails. He hasn’t written any in over a year!!! I would look forward to his messages. But again, we all get off track. Doesn’t mean we don’t love God, or have a relationship with him. Just means we have got to get back to what bought us here. For me….. more time with God and more studying!

I was thinking one day… Cree what is YOUR dream? I always felt that it had to be some huge thing that I bought or lived in. Whenever people asked, I never wanted to say, because I felt it may not live up to what others had dreams of. Maybe, to own a shop or something, but none of those things has been my dream. Mines is so simple (( don’t take the word simple lightly than how I’m using it)).

My dream is to sit at my own BOOK SIGNING, and see the lines out of the door. I want women and men to say how much I inspired them. I want them to say, that they thought they were the only ones to go through what I’ve written. I want them to say, how I helped them to express how they were feeling about a certain situation. I want to see their faces, talk to them, cry with them, connect with them. I want to look them in their eyes and feel everything that they carry.

My second dream is to marry someone I’m completely in LOVE with and he feels the very same way about me. I want to do MARRIAGE seminars. I want to help marriages stay alive. I first believe that husband and wife should have great chemistry and that’s what I LOVE. GREAT CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING. I want my husband to be full of GOD, and I want to be submissive to him.

I can go on and on about both of my DREAMS for myself in this LIFE…. but I’ll stop here.



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Living Off Script/BLOG

It’s snowing here badly in Michigan. We are expecting 4-7 inches. I’m up thinking and writing. I can’t wait till Spring gets here. I’m so tired of this weather.  I’m ready to get out there and do something different.

It’s time I start living off script. Everything I do is by schedule.  Every day I do things by the way I have always did them. I’m ready to just get up and go, do things spontaneously.

I am a very outgoing person. A person with a huge personality and everything has to be planned out with me all the time. I won’t just get up and go on a dinner date it has to be pre-planned and I’m tired of that. I want to be ready at all times not by MY BOOK! I’m ready to live.

It’s funny because I make myself sick some time with this behavior. It’s like I have to be in control of what I do and nothing can get in the way of my schedule. I just learned that about myself.

My mother needed to go to her doctor to have her stitches removed from her knee, but, I worked that morning. I wanted her to switch days because I didn’t want to be tired. She told me you can do it, you won’t be tired, and you’re going to take me. I was so shocked and it was funny at the same time. I took her, and it only took an hour and when I got home I didn’t go to sleep for another 12 hours plus straight. I wasn’t sleepy.

I’m excited about this year and me Living Off Script. I’m tired of living by MY own book, I’m switching it up. I believe God has something special for me and how can I receive it living the way I have?

I’m ready Lord!

God’s Voice To The Remote Starter/BLOG

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Hey Family!!!

Its been freezing here in Michigan since last month. When I say freezing I mean temperatures -5 below. In the day time its so cold, that even if you’re off work that day, its wise to go out and start your car for a good 20 minutes to warm up the engine.

One morning, I got up at 6:30 am and went out to warm up my engine because I knew  I wasn’t going anywhere that day. As I sat in my car, I saw cars start without the owner in them, and I knew what that was all about. People had remote starters and were starting their cars up from the building. All I kept saying to myself is, I sure wish this car had one.

Later on that day, as I thought about the coming week and the dropping temperatures with snow, the remote starter came to my mind again. The VOICE said, ask Nesha (( my daughter)) to send you a photo of the remote that’s on her set of keys to the car. Right away she sent it to me. I have one that goes to the car on my ring, but she has 2 on her key ring to the same car. Hers is way different than mines, so I told her that when I saw her again, that I wanted it to see if it remote started. But in the meantime I went on line and looked up remote starters and found one that looked just like the one Nesha sent me that’s on her set of keys.

The very next day, I got it!!! I went to the car and kept clicking and clicking and clicking and CLICKING! Nothing! It didn’t even unlock the door. Either the battery was dead, or it wasn’t working PERIOD!!!!.It looked way different than the one I had been using.  I continued to make sure I started my car in the snow and below temperatures, even if it meant freezing my behind off without a remote starter.

DAYS later, the REMOTE STARTER…. came to my mind AGAIN, with a VOICE saying…. “YOU DO HAVE A REMOTE STARTER.” I thought that was a weird LOUD thought, because I had THE REMOTE with me, and every time I went to the car, I tried to use it………. NOTHING. But this VOICE had me thinking. I couldn’t figure out why I kept thinking about THIS NON WORKING REMOTE?

So, I went to work, and walked up to 5 of my coworkers, 3 male and 2 female and asked them to take a look at my remote to tell me if it was a starter or not. It had a star on it, as if it was a starter. The men looked at it one by one, asked me a few questions, and said that it looked like a regular car door remote, and NOT a starter.  One of the men had one, and he told me that a remote starter looks like this…. Image result for remote startersOne of the women SHOWED me hers and it was IDENTICAL to the one I had, and she said mines is not a remote starter, and hers wasn’t either. I figured it wasn’t, but decided to ask one of the men to show me how to open it so that I could at least buy another battery to see if that was the issue. But half way through him working to open it, I said that’s okay.

I got off work and  HEARD THE VOICE AGAIN……. “YOU DO HAVE A REMOTE STARTER!!”  So, I tried it ONE LAST TIME. It DID’NT WORK! I was done with thinking about it, and done with trying to work it.

About 4-5 days later, I had forgotten all about it. When I heard this VOICE out of the blue say AGAIN…. “YOU DO HAVE A REMOTE STARTER. ” I knew it was God. I remember saying to him, my friends says I don’t have one. One friend showed me hers and it was the same, and she doesn’t have one. I said WHY DO I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THIS REMOTE GOD???? It doesn’t work and I’m good with it. See God and I have this lovely relationship, he KNOWS I’M SPECIAL.. HE knows I ask HIM questions over and over and over again. He knows I ask 1000 questions on the same subject. He KNOWS…. that I go through many channels before I get things right SOMETIMES. HE knows me. He knows that I have to go over in my mind things way too many times, over analyze and then COME TO MY SENSES. So just know, He LOVES ME, AND THIS IS HOW WE COMMUNICATE because this is HOW I LEARN. He has patience with me, and he NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER leave me hanging.

SO with that being said….

After hearing him say AGAIN…….. “YOU HAVE A REMOTE STARTER!!!” I decided to go to my car and I made it my business to work with that starter. I knew how it worked, so I took my time with it and I kept thinking about that VOICE. For some reason the green light on the remote lite up THIS time when I went to unlock the car. I started thinking, when my co-worker was opening it, before I told him its okay, he must have loosen up the battery part and somehow made it work. Because when I tried it before it was dark outside and that light DID NOT COME ON. So when it came on THIS TIME and the door unlocked, it tripped me out. I clicked the yellow starter button (( mines look just like that))Image result for remote starters  once for a few seconds, then a second time… IT CAME ON!!!!! LOL LOL LOL MY CAR STARTED. LOL LOL I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! I KEPT TAPPING MYSELF BECAUSE IT DIDN’T SEEM LIKE THIS WAS HAPPENING. GOD SAID IT!!! HE KEPT MAKING IT COME TO MY MIND! LOL LOL I COULDN’T SHAKE THOSE WORDS.

This was the very same remote I tried 100 times, it was the one MY COWORKERS looked at and said NO it was a regular remote. But God said… “IT IS A REMOTE STARTER.” You can get up in the mornings and REMOTE START your car just like everybody else. I could not stop LAUGHING. I LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED, AND LAUGHED!!!!

I had my Nisan for 4 years and NEVER KNEW I HAD A REMOTE STARTER! LOL LOL



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The BIG Picture/BLOG

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Being the oldest, is hard work. I’m 50 years old and I still ask God why did you make me the OLDEST?

I ask this question so often that every time I make a decision, give advice or opinion, he always whisper to me… “THAT’S WHY YOU’RE THE OLDEST.”

Growing up I always wanted to be a Teacher or a Lawyer. I love reading , I love teaching people what I learned (( especially my siblings)) then I pass it down to others.

I’ve always had the ability to see the BIGGER PICTURE. To see the situation out in its entirety. I don’t know if I learned this from my parents growing up, or if God gave me these gifts to help myself and others. Let me give an example.

A woman purposely threw a cellphone of the person they were mad at and broke it. He was mad,  she apologized. She promised him that when she got paid she would buy him another phone. Well, before that time came, he made her mad again, she told him that she wasn’t going to replace the phone. This made him angry.

That day he PROMISED her in text messages that he was going to get her back ((REVENGE)) for it. After she sent me all the back and forth texts I told her that I was scared and that he might do something real bad to her. Her text back to me was : “You keep saying that like you want him too.”  (( I told her  this many times in the past, the way their relationship is, someone is going to get hurt one day.”)) I was done. Shocked. Mad at her.

That VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY same night, while she was in the shop getting braids done, he came and knifed all 4 BRAND NEW tires.

I was one of the first people she called. I love my friend and will always be there for her, I just know with her……. I have to step back and let things happen.

I can always see the BIGGER PICTURE. You cant do something to someone these days and not expect for them to do something back. When you do A. to someone, expect them to do B. to you. Not everyone will do A. to you, those are the ones who have enough sense to know that this person cannot be trusted, and not to deal with them anymore. Because they’re the ones who will cause you to get in BIGGER TROUBLE. Sooner or later playing these types of games.. someone is going to get mad and do something about it.

Many people have came to me and told me things before they happened, and I didn’t listen…. but I listen now.

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What I Learned About Myself in 2017/BLOG 2


Hey Family!!!!

Well, I wanted to hit 100,000  views before the New Year, but I was busy so I didn’t get a chance to hit my blog like I wanted, but its okay.

Like I mentioned in my other blog, I have taken inventory of my life and my short comings and I see where I need to do better.

I have this BAD habit of having a DEEP desire to “help” people. When people come to me and they want to talk about a situation or anything going on with them, and I’ve been down that same “street” before, I want to help them. But it always seem to back fire on me.

I think I put too much time and care into it more than them. As long as its bad, they want to talk about it all day and night with me, text, call, anything to get my attention, and I give them that energy. Because I understand, I care. I get it. But then when something happens and they go back to the same ole ways, they don’t want to talk about it. Then days later, its back to all day and all night conversations about it. Its so funny. Because I am really being nice and caring. I INVEST TOO MUCH TIME INTO SUPPORTING OTHERS. I’m at the point were we don’t never, ever have to talk about THEIR situation again. Most times I don’t want to anyway. I do it because I know what its like to need someone to listen. But I’m done with that.

I know how it feels to be in certain situations, and having experienced it myself. I only try to give good advice if I have been through it, anything else I’m just a listener. As soon as they feel that things are going great for them in that situation, and I don’t say a word, they always have to test me, to see if I’m still readily engaged. And my face will continue to be TWISTED. Nope, don’t want to talk about, cant take  the advice YOU asked for, lets cut the whole head off!


I have done so many people this way, now that I realized it. Not spending this year listening to other people’s story. Your situation… YOUR PROBLEMS.. I TAKE MINES TO GOD… FOLLOW SUIT


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