Have this ever happened to you?

Starting a new relationship is hard! Flat out! When meeting someone new you are hoping and praying that this guy/gurl is for you. You start talking to him/her on the phone getting to know his/her likes and dislikes, you hear of all the people in his /her life. You hear how much he/she loves his job, you know his/her favorite cologne, you know his/favorite color, his/her voice drives you wild.
Then you finally meet again. For some reason he/she looks different, not all that cute, not all that tall, not all that attractive, not all of what you saw when you first met. Something about him/her is just not there. The whole atmosphere is different.
Guys, Ladies………………………..have this ever happened to you? Tell your story………Lets talk.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

11 Replies to “Have this ever happened to you?”

  1. What we need to know that the best part is not the outside, but the inside that’s what God see, and if we are childern of the most high, then all we need to see is the heart Amen


  2. King thats soooooooo true. Soooo true. Let me share this, because this is why I wrote this. I met a guy at work, he was all those things when I first met him. But when I saw him again which was a few days ago. He looked totally different. IM NOT TALKING ABOUT PHYICAL ……..IM TALKING SPIRITUALLY.

    On the phone he bragged on him self, ( but he still looked nice from the first meeting) he calls women with red hair GHETTO,( but from that first meeting he smelled good) he down community colleges said that blks dont get “real” education ( but he was tall), he said that blks are ghetto and get on his nerves. Keep in mind he is blk just as I am. He works in a white community ( manger of a bank) .

    So Kings the reason why I ask that question is because I am going somewhere with it later. Its going to be very interesting.

    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


  3. Oh yeah I have a million stories for you I meet guys all the time and they be looking super good but after you talk to them it seem to change their whole appearance and they just dont look good no more… not even close


  4. Lady J thanks gurl you are feeling me! Thank you! Thank you Thank you! Thank you!

    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


  5. Girl, there is not enough time, kilobytes/megabytes on this computer or words to describe each and every one of my moments with guys like this!I must say that when we first meet someone, we see the person they want us to see. Many times we have all made the mistake of seeing what we’ve wanted to see. A blind woman (spiritually) will see a man and be excited about and turned on with the image he portrays. A woman with spiritual sight will see that same image, but as time passes she will see him for who he truly is because the light of God is shining on him for her. A woman after the things of God will catch on as soon as the next day, if not the same day. God looks deeper than we do. I believe He wants us to take the time to do the same. You’re absolutely correct when you say “Where works of the flesh exist, there is NO joy”. I cannot wait to see where you are going with this, LaCrease. I know you’re going somewhere with it! Awesome!


  6. i don’t know if it’s much their appearance that seems different as it is what they’ve shared with you in conversation that makes you look at ’em in a different way. once you get to a certain point in your life, you’ve learned a few things (the hard way more times than not), FINE is no longer enough, a DEGREE or two is no longer enough…you start looking at what the person is putting out there, what kind of spirit they have, if their actions mirror their words, if you all share similar interests and values, things of the like. i’ve met so many brothers these past two years alone that were “successful” in terms of their educational/professional goals but couldn’t (or WOULDN’T) invest that same positive energy into making their personal lives a success. if you’re like me, that makes all of those other things i might’ve found attractive about a man null and void. we need to get it together, i’m tired of all this dysfunction that seems to surround black men and women and our relationships with one another. sorry to go off on a tangent but i’m sure you feel me regardless.


  7. I think i’ve experienced the opposite.. meeting someone then a long break before seeing them again.. And when I seen him again I was like wow I really like this person more than I thought… Initally I though it was all good, but the time that passed and the communication between that time made the second meeting something more than the first..Didn’t expect that …. Kinda like I really didn’t see what I had the first time ….Seen features and other things that I didn’t really notice the first time around..


  8. lmaoooo
    yes it has happened
    i wasn’t meeting on any ‘romantic’ terms, so it wasn’t too hard to just slowly drift away if they were “attracted” to me…lol

    this is funny


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