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Today on my candle journal I’m looking for more tins. I found some really nice ones in gold, black, white, and in wine. So then the testing of the wicks will come. Right now I have a tin on the warmer in the scent of banana pudding, and it smells so good. It really smells like my mom is making banana pudding in my apartment.

Growing up my mom had lots of perfumes, candles and incense burning in the house and that’s where my love came in. I started loving candles, lighting incense and plug-ins. But never in a million years would I believe I would be making candles, and room sprays. What I like most about it is, how different scents make me feel. I love the process of making candles and when I’m done I enjoy watching them cure into a solid. It’s amazing the aroma in my apartment. They say making candles is a science, it is surely the truth.

I made my first candle in August 2020 and when my daughter brought it to my attention how much I love candles, she said mom you should go on YouTube and watch how they’re made. She said It’s really easy, and I believe you will love it especially working with fragrances. So, she bought me a candle kit and I remember being so nervous. For some reason I felt I would mess it up. I took my time but I was shaking so bad……..but I did it.

I didn’t realize that candle making really takes time and lots of research, trial and error. I thought you just melt the wax, put in a wick and light it up. That is so not how it goes. 🤣 First off, there are several waxes to choose from. I started with soy, and plan to learn a few others. Soy is the easiest they say. Then there is testing of the wicks which is a doozy in itself. Then you have to make sure it’s centered properly, because if not, it can leave lots of soot, and start to burn the glass from being over to one side long enough.

Soy Candles has to cure at least 2 weeks for a great HT (( hot throw)) and that was a pain to make a candle and have to wait to test the fragrance. Over all, it took me over $1000, and 5 months before launch day. It was all worth it because now different ideas are popping in my head, and I can’t wait to fulfill them.

Coming Soon

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