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Happy New Year! BLOG

Happy New Year!!! Yea its been a while. I’m always excited about a New Year coming in, it brings new expectations. I’m looking forward to doing new things, and some old things that I enjoyed doing. Every New Year I like to reflect on things that I learned in the following year. Here are a few.

  • I learned that no matter how great of a job you do in ANYTHING, there is always someone in the background thinking other wise. Know your worth, and know that you are doing YOUR best.
  • Sometimes you have to just listen. You don’t have to always voice your opinion.
  • Allow people to make mistakes, especially when there was a time you did the same things. Have patience with those people, and know that your experience in the past is why you are the best person to pull them up and to pull them through.
  •  I need to be more thoughtful.
  • I’m always supportive of others, but I need to focus on MY goals at the same time.


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God If…. I’m tripping, I can deal with myself. I can deal with myself tripping. I can forgive myself and move on. I CAN EVEN LAUGH AT MY SELF. LAUGH LAUGH AND LAUGH! I  will laugh all day. I will be happy to laugh, because its at myself. I can LIVE AND DEAL with me. I can do ME!

But God…… If, I’m not tripping, bring it to ME.

God, either way, IM GONNA LAUGH AT ONE!

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Gerald Levert/BLOG


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November 10, 2006. I’ll never forget. RIP

Even though I love Beyonce, Micheal Jackson and Prince. There are only 3 Celebrities that I asked God to let me meet, and they are Anita Baker, Gerald Levert, and Tyler Perry. I met them all except Tyler Perry.

I was at work when I found out that Gerald Levert had passed away. My co-workers took me to the bathroom and told me what happened. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it. When I got home, I had so many messages on my phone. Still to this day, I cry.

Its amazing how I got the chance to meet him. I was working at Walmart and this lady came through my line with his face on her shirt. I said to her, “what are you doing with my man on your shirt?” We laughed and became friends. There was a contest on the radio to win tickets to a Meet & Greet Listening Party for a New CD, with 50 people. It was very private with a very nice dinner. She told me that she was going home to try to win tickets for us. I told her that I would call her as soon as I got off work to help her. When I got home she called me and we tried, and tried, to win. She got through, and when she called me back to tell me, I didn’t believe her. I wanted to go so badly, seem as if she was tricking me.  She screamed for me to turn on the radio to hear her win, we were so happy, we laughed and laughed.


The day of the PRIVATE meet and greet we were ready. We got there and right off we were having a good time with his body guard Joe, while Gerald take photos. I’m not a drinker, but when he offered to buy drinks for us, I figured I would drink.

After the party Gerald, his body guard Joe,  my friend Pat and I, plus a few others that we didn’t know, went to the lobby’s bar to have more drinks and to talk and laugh. There Joe, bought us more drinks. When I drink, my eyes become glossy, and I just sit and become quiet. I remember being so high that I sat in the corner. I couldn’t bring myself to socialize. My whole mood had changed. Thing is, that is not even my personality. I can talk to 4 ducks and laugh all night. Had I been in my right mind, I would have been mingling more. But I was out of my mind high from drinking and to this day, I HATE that. But I can’t take it back.

As the night was coming to an end, the 4 of us got a chance to stand around talking and laughing. Gerald was so sweet, so pleasant, and loved to run his hands through my hair. Me and Pat was the last to leave, so we walked them to the elevator because they were staying in that hotel. Never knowing that was going to be my last time seeing him alive. He passed that next year.

It took me a while to forgive myself for not taking the opportunity to enjoy the moment (((( sober))) to enjoy the PRIVATE company of Gerald. I was so high and I felt that God knew he was going to pass soon, and that was my blessing to meet him. Had I been in my right mind, I would have had so many more memories. It took me almost 10 MORE YEARS to take a drink PERIOD! I was done with drinking, and I will never get that drunk again. God made happen what I asked him, but it was me who blew it. I’m over it now, but it has made me look at things differently and its okay. I got to take plenty of photos with him, Joe and Pat.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer.

Gerald I will always remember and Love you. Rest


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My Vent!

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Hey Family!

Wow what a month!!! So, I guess this will be my “vent” blog. I know I can’t be the only one going through something like what I’m about to write about. Sometimes I dunno how to feel about how I feel. Or even if I’m “right” about feeling the way I feel.

I’ve always been the kind of person who attract a lot of people. I think its because of my easy to get along personality. I don’t like drama, I’m honest and will be truthful with you, I’m everyone’s therapist, and I’ve always enjoyed good stories and real life lessons from different people.

Sometimes I feel people want too much from me. Since I turned 32 ((( now 51))) I have really, really, chilled from having company over. In my 20’s I had my good friends over and cousins and we would have a ball. I’m still close to EVERYONE of them, and they seem to know me well. I enjoy cooking collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread, corn on the cob and I would invite friends and family over and this would become a daily for me no matter what I’m cooking. I’m not that person today anymore because people have burnt me OUT! They expect for dinner to be made for them every day!!! Never bringing anything, always expecting. No company, NO DINNERS! DONE with that life forever!

I’m done raising my daughter, my only child. Most people I know, are still raising kids. My problem is, they seem to feel that just because I’m live alone that I have all day to talk to them over the phone, go places with them. I ENJOY having a empty nest. I can do whatever I want! These are the same people who cant wait for their kids to be grown and gone, so they can be alone, but seem to think I want to be bothered all the time. I enjoy my quiet time. I can cook whenever I want, eat what I want. Sleep all day, and jump in my car and go anywhere I want. I am far from lonely when all people want to do is call my phone, hop in my car, and sit on my couch while I listen to their stories all dayum day. I’m good! Done with that life forever!

I’m a Virgo, if you know anything about us, you know we love to be alone and do our own thing. We don’t need company, we dont need friends, we LOVE to be alone. YEs, we enjoy family and friends, and we often link up. But don’t make it seem as if I need company just because my house is empty, and STOP FEELING OFFENDED WHEN I TELL YOU IM GOING ALONE! Like tomorrow, I’m going to the movies in the morning ALONE, now if I mention it to anyone on any day, first thing out of their mouths is, “why didn’t you ask me to go with you”? As if I’m lonely, or ESPECIALLY acting funny and didn’t want to invite anyone. I’m grown, my daughter is gone and I can get in MYYYYYYYYYYY car and go anywhere I want to go. I don’t need company to go with me, and I shouldn’t have to feel that I’m “acting funny” for not inviting anyone. It pisses me off so bad. So now, I don’t tell anyone where I’m going, I just go. Now! They say, you don’t go anywhere…. NO THAT’S NOT IT, ITS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT, BECAUSE YOU WOULD WANT TO GO WITH ME! **rolls eyes**

If I’m having a conversation about what we made for dinner, and I’ll say. I made collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread and corn on the cob, they would say…… ” Why didn’t you bring me some’? It would be in a tone where they feel that just because its MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and me alone eating dinner, that I made enough for them and who ever else. No! I made dinner for me to eat for 2 days. I don’t make dinner for 7 people just “in case” someone ask for a plate. Now, here is my thing. The good person in me what to cook dinner for others like I use too. But then people started depending on me. They wanted me to do it every week, or every time I made dinner. They would ask me what did you cook today? After a while, I was like wait, the very thing I enjoy doing for others, has turned into a burden for me. They expect for me to cook food daily, and when I would say I didn’t cook yesterday they were disappointed and made me feel some kinda way. So, I had to stop that altogether. DONE!

I love to drive and have no problem jumping in my car and going where I need and want to go. I have a friend who always get into debates with her sisters about whose going to drive where. Now me on the other hand LOVE to drive. I will again, jump in my car and go. But when I’m with this friend she always wants me to drive. It makes me mad because just because I enjoy driving doesn’t mean I want to drive because SHE wants and need to go somewhere. So, I stop dealing with her when it comes to going anywhere. You either want to go or NO!  But as for meeeeeeee, I have the get up and go when it comes to me going where I want to go. I dont like that back and forth, I drove last time, its your turn. NOOOOOOOO, I’m going to drive my own car to the same place and you drive yours. I hate pettiness~!

Now, again, I’m going to the movies tomorrow, If I ask people who want to go, but didn’t go, their answer would be, because the drive is too far. Yes, its a 35 minute drive, but I love to drive, but if that’s the reason why you didn’t go, then you really wont be riding with me EVER! Here is why. When people see that you love to drive and is willing go whenever, they expect for you to always call them to invite them. These people will NEVER drive to see a movie because they dont feel like driving. I love to go alone, so I’ll never be asking anyone again unless its my mommy and daughter. Or I’m in a group setting.

I’m learning a lot about people and myself. I laugh sometimes, and sometimes I shake my head.

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Raisingurls To Women/BLOG


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Hey Family!

Many of you may or may not know that from 2006-2011 I started a gurls group in my home. Raisingurls To Women. Teenagers would meet every other Sunday after Church  to talk about things that was going on in their lives. Peer pressure, divorce, school, friends, parents, personal issues and things like that. They loved it! I would listen to their personal stories, encourage them to speak and share testimonies that was going on in their lives. We had hotel parties, we went out to dinner as a group to talk in that settling. We had movie dates, we held fundraisers, celebrated birthdays, but more importantly we taught social skills.

I knew that these gurls would grow up to become adults and that they would need social skills to help them survive. I also keep up with ALL of them on FB. A few days ago I received a message from my niece telling me how what I did for them has impacted her life. Reading her message bought tears to my eyes.  I was only doing what I loved to do. It has made me do research to start ANOTHER WOMEN’S GATHERING!

Before I started my teen group I was holding gatherings in my home for Women. We talked about relationships, God, children, family, work, and everything adult. In my life today, people are always coming to me for advice. I spend hours and hours with these people and when my  niece sent me that message, it has started a spark in me. So many women are hurting from past hurts, and also present situations that causes them to go into deep depressions. See, I know God. I have a personal relationship with him and he is theeeeeeeeeeeee only way out. I dont have the gift to preach, but I am NO WAY afraid to share my testimonies, and to help women find their way.

Here is apart of the email that my niece sent to me! Wow Thank you Jesus. What a Blessing!

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Yes auntie thank you. One thing that prepared me to want to speak was you from back in the day when you did the girls group. I started a women’s group in college and used your work sheets I still had n the group is still going the girls love it. I want to open a homeless shelter for you that have no where to go after 18. That’s another goal. I thank you for doing what it is you did when I was young. You never know how much you impact a persons life and you did.

You don’t know how much it helped deal with stuff and gave me courage to speak up for myself. Yes women need other women to help them overcome a lot. Auntie get out there we need women like you to help guide younger women. We have so many youth scared to be different and not be okay with life because it’s not normal and the struggle with being accepted and that’s when they use their bodies. You taught me so much you wouldn’t understand.