New Level~ 2011

Today is Jan 1, 2011. 2011, is like a New sheet of paper, its up to you what you write in it.
I can sit here and say that I have truly learned a lot in 2010. I’m not a person who complain often, or even dwell on the past, but I will say this….. I do not have a hard time moving on from anyone and anything. That’s one that I ABSOLUTLY LOVE about myself. I can move on and never look back * that’s the part that scares me*. And when I say never look back, ……..I mean NEVER look back.
God has really shown me a lot lately. I’m in a place where I’m listening and learning, watching and growing. Sometimes I talk so much that I really don’t see the big picture that’s going on in my life. But a lot of things I do see, I just play “dumb” to it, just to not get question on it. That’s gotta stop this year too. If I don’t want to comment on it, then I won’t. Sometimes its easier to say ” nope I didn’t see that, or nope I didn’t hear that”. God fills me in on a lot, and if I want him to continue to do that, he wants me to listen. For these last few months, OMG……. its unreal what I see and know. I want control of all situations that has everything to do with me. And God is showing me, you are “not the plant manager of your life La’Crease”, “you are not the boss of your life La’Crease”, and for me to just sit back and listen. Man…… I’m so quiet sometimes, it scares me. LOL
But guess what? I’m finding out the little I say, is a lot, just because it came from ME. LOL Listen, God showed me this one day recently……A little over a week, I was at my register, had just turned off my light because it was time to go home, I had a few more customers, and my shift was over. One of the managers come out of the office behind me and flicked my light back on, as he tried so HARD to walk away quickly, but I caught him!!!! I looked at him, with this look……… before I even knew it *lol* he smiled and I said Nah unnnnn, I’m leaving for the day. I went to punch out and was telling one of my other co-workers about it, didn’t he tried to do her the same way? Well, the very next day, people were coming up to me saying I heard what happened about such and such and him trying to turn back on your light. And I’m saying to myself……….. how the hell did you know that? That’s when he showed me that when I, La’Crease say something its a “OMG CREE said that? But let someone else had told that same story, it wouldn’t get pass 1 person. I didn’t say anything, I just allowed God to show me that. I have to watch what I say at all times. This happens to me all the time, when I say something its Gold…..That’s why I don’t like gossip. If I say anything about someone, trust me its good. When I’m confronted on it, its all good. I’m not saying anymore about it in a good way, than the next person who likes it as well.
This year I’m going to be more visual when it comes to my blog entries. Also when it comes to Teaching, and Ministry
* Raisingurls*, IM GOING HARD!!! Like you’ve never seen before. I’m going to use real life examples, scriptures, and common sense. The truth will never come off as arrogant, unless you don’t believe it.
I’m closing for now. Have a Blessed New Year!!!
Cree ~new level~

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