Cree’s Class 2011 * blaming others*

Cree’s Class 2011 

 Blaming Others
Me: “Hey daddy what are you doing”?
Dad: ” Oh nothing, sitting here crying.”
Me: “Sighs to myself… Why daddy what’s wrong”?
Dad: Oh I’m sitting here with no cigarettes and no booze”?
Me: Well, go to the store and get some.
Dad: “How can I get some with no money”?
Me: Oh, well dad, guess you may have to sit this one out”
Dad: “How the hell you gon tell me to sit this one out, when yall went to Texas Road House to eat today and I’m sitting here with nothing GOOD to eat, drink or smoke?”
Me:  * Not wanting to argue….. I say…”Alright daddy, I’ll talk to you later.
Dad” Bye.
My daddy is alwayssssss, blaming somebody else for his short comings. If you have $10.00 and he has $5.00 he will make sure you know that the reason why he didn’t buy 2 packs of cigarettes was because YOU had more money than him. He never  take responsibility for his own actions. He has to always blame others.
I’m so use to those kinds conversations, that I promise to NEVER play those kinda mind games when I had my daughter. And I didn’t. When you blame everyone because of what you don’t have its a problem.  Either your child is going to grow up and use these same tactics to get what they want, or they’re going to take responsibility of what they do and don’t have. When a person is always blaming others for their mistakes, they are out of control and will blame any and everyone, so that they won’t be held accountable for their own actions.
2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad
A few weeks ago during the BUSY holiday season, I was ringing up this Chinese lady. After she paid for her items, she said Oh, I want gift receipts.  We’ll after a sale is completed, the customer has to go to the customer service to have it all voided and re rung. I told her that for one I was sorry, I should have asked her, but no matter how many times I apologized to her, it still wasn’t enough. She just kept saying to me, you should have asked me, you should have asked me. After another apology, I was curious of the mentality of this woman, I said to her…… well maam, why didn’t you tell me, I would have given them to you, I’m sorry I didn’t ask you. She said, you should have asked me, you should have asked me. Right then and there, I knew that no matter how many times I told her that I was sorry about MY mistake, she wanted to take no responsibility of REMINDING me that she NEEDED gift receipts. She wanted to blame me and that was final.
Now, let me run down the “BIG PICTURE” that she missed.
1. I have apologized  , there will be no blood taken from me, and my house will not be out of order when I get to it. There is nothing else to get out of me but a sincere apology. I would do it 100 times if that would’ve made her feel better.
2. This lady had a CHOICE, to stand in the 4 person line service desk ( nothing I could have done) or leave the store without them.
3. Understand that she can BLAME me all day, night, year, month, hour and minute that since these were  HER items, she also had the responsibility to tell/remind me that she needed gift receipts.
4. And since she didn’t, she was the one who  would be standing in another line to get them taken care of. Not me ( and that may sound harsh, but its the truth, lets be real here.) Lets get out of the sugar-coating days.
See, people are responsible for not correcting others when they are wrong. I took responsibility for my part. As a matter of fact, I made sure I asked everyone after her if they need gift receipts. LOL I learned a lesson. I admitted my fault.I knew it was my job to make sure I ask people if they wanted gift receipts.I made a human error on a busy day. Had she  admitted that she “forgot” to tell me, then she would’ve  taken it SO BADLY. But since I’m the cashier, she feels she can say what she wants to me without me knocking the English language out of her, she chose to take no responsibility in it.
So, now my question is? Did she learn that if she goes to another store and the cashier doesn’t ask her if she wants a gift receipt, that she will be standing in the same line again, if she doesn’t speak up? Did she learn that she can BLAME the cashier all day, she is the one who has to get it taken care of , AND NOT THE CASHIER. Lets say, I would have gotten fired for not remembering………. would the lady learn from this, and remind other cashiers when she wants gift receipts, or will she forget and blame person after person for something she clearly couldn’t REMEMBER HERSELF?
Deep huh? Learn to take responsibility for your own actions, because when Judgement Day come, you wont be able to say……Well what happened Lord was…….. when I was walking down the street, this lady walked up to me and she was talking, and she had a $100.00 bill coming out of her purse, and when she wasn’t looking, it flew out and landed under my shoe, and when she walked away Lord, I picked it up. And the reason why I didn’t ask her was it hers, was because she DIDNT ASK ME DID I FIND IT. 
Have a Blessed Year!
Cree ~new level~

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