Love & Marriage Huntsville!


Tisha told Kimmi how she felt about their friendship and that she never had a sister so she considered Kimmi as the sister she never had. What I don’t think Tisha is understanding is that first of all, her mother played a huge part in them NOT moving forward as “Sisters.” She talks to much. Tisha allows her mother to have an opinion about her husband, friends and her. That’s not Okay. Tisha’s mother feels that Kimmi is not a good friend to her. I see things differently. Anytime your mother can say anything to anyone, and you and have the ” well she’s my mother” attitude why would Kimmi want to continue that friendship? Not only that, her mother is a mess starter. Just because I’m your friend doesn’t make me ride or die in your wrong. Don’t get mad at me because I tell you that I’m not feeling your behavior on something that happened. No, I will not check you on the spot in front of people, but I am going to say something in private. Friends tell each other when they’re wrong. 

Kimmie was saying in the last episode that they have spoiled her, and never told her when she was wrong. So now that everyone is speaking up about it, Tisha have a problem with it. Who wants to be friends with someone who you cant pull to the side and say.. Sis you’re wrong? Don’t get me wrong I like Tisha, but at some point, since you DIDNT have any Sisters, you have to learn the role of one.

Destiny is DIVORCE! I knew it was something going on with her husband. She wanted to go in on Martell when he said,  “see, that’s why yall ass getting a dayum divorce right now because of yall mouth” talking about her and Melody. LOL Is something wrong with him? He thinks a woman is suppose to shut up with no opinion after he’s been out in the streets all types of days and nights. Boy, if you don’t have several seats in a empty stadium where you can think.

Marsau cracks me up. I just love the way he thinks sometimes. He talks a lot of smack, he’s the type of man where you have to catch him doing something, with a camera in your hand, and 5 witnesses. LOL He’s going to get out of everything you came to him with. LOL

Mel! I’m so happy she’s at a place where she can get to know herself after her Divorce from Martell. I don’t think she should do anymore songs about her marriage, just let it go. She should focus on her kids, career and herself. Don’t even date. She got married at a young age, and have so much to learn about herself.

More next Sunday for Season 3 Episode 2

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