Anita Baker came in Walmart! 10-24-05

     Thank you Lord for waking me up today. Again! You always bless me and keep me for sure. I want you to know that I know it’s you that is keeping me.
Guess what? Anita Baker came in Walmart today. I was trying not to be nervous, but I couldnt help it. I was so nervous but at least I saw her and she hugged me.
I was in a good mood today. I worked from 12:00 pm to 5:45. and took a 30 min lunch. I shouldnt have but I did.
I also put in for a change adjustment. Im so tired of closing late and cleaning up . Gurl please Im done with that mess. My closing hours are 10:30 the latest. So I wont have to worry about that for sure.
WEll, Im gon to bed, I will see yall later.
I love you Jesus!
God said to me. ” I had to prove you. I had to take you through all of the disappointments to make you ready for the Glory that is about to be revealed to you. ~ Tyler Perry

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