A blessed day

Thank you Lord, for another day of life! Thank you, thank you , thank you.

As I see the inches come off my body, I can only thank you for it. Forgiving me the minset to go head and lose this weight. I know that I will be able to serve you better. I know that if I do this, the biggest thing that keeps me down mentally. I can do all things through Christ. I know I will be all that. I feel it. Im not even talking about physically, but mentally. Im excited!

There is one thing that I have noticed about me and me losing weight. I am learning to balance my time. That is so important. I am so excited about how I am losing weight to that fact that I am not at the computer all day and night. I will get up and clean up, I will get up in a heatrbeat and go to the store, I will get up and go around to the sisters house, I will get up and do this and that. My room stays clean, my computer room stays clean, everything is different. Its not a depression state, where I dont want to do anything. I cant explain this feeling.

Balance is very important in my life. I will come home and iron my clothes for the next day instead of doing it that day and then be running late for work. No. No! I do them the day before now, then when its time for work I can pray, watch Church on TV and then get ready for work. Im learning its a process, and it takes time too.

So Lord, I say thank you for waking me up and starting me on my way. And for the things that are too come for me. I love you, and I cant wait to see you and kiss you.


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