Good Morning Sisters and Brothers!

Good Sunday Morning!
I have a serious question for anyone who is reading this post.
Are you ready?
What are you doing to spread the word of God? Do you give good spiritual advice to your family and friends? Do you realize that when Judgment Day come we will be held accountable for doing our part?
Wouldn\’t you want your list to be way down the block and around the corner for leading souls to Christ in one way or another?
Is this something that you think about daily? I know we live in a worldly atmosphere. But what are you doing to separate yourselves? What are you doing that\’s different?
We all want to be different in one way or another, but Im asking you right now to stand up and be a Leader of those in your circle. Its even better if you have the personality to get everyone\’s attention. Use if for the building of God\’s word.
You have the power.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

One Reply to “Good Morning Sisters and Brothers!”

  1. I talk about Him DAILY…those who know me must hear of it b4 I leave their presence…lol…I hope that in someway it does help…He in his infinite wisdom KNOWS baybee….I just try.

    I had a date with Him and made a testimony on a Blog…I was blessed so much that night, there was NO WAY He was not with me….a few people have reached out to me and told me how it touched them…thru the words on these forums, I’m sure alot of souls are being touched! so much more than we will EVER know!! 🙂 Kewl!! lol

    Yes People! Don’t b afraid!

    I always ask, If some feel like talking about him for a few hours daily, is EXTREME… can U expect to PRAISE Him in heaven for ETERNITY?

    Stay Blessed Sis!


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