This is the kind of Love LaCrease is talking about!


  I know you all have taken some photos with your husband/boyfriend at the club and yall are all posse\’d up looking like a nice couple. I remember my ex ( deceased now) and I went to a Freddie Jackson concert, we took a photo all hugged up. but he had a gun in each hand ( how sexy huh…….. ughhh). I was young back them, little did I know how \”ghetto\” it looked. But that was my boo.


But when you get grown you take \”grown folk\” photos. Like that one pictured above. Now thats grown folks stuff! They are sexaaaa! Look at the dress sister gurl has on, and look at Kenny bald head looking like he that deal! I aint even mad, I hope someone see\’s that photo and know you can look sexy for youre man in photos, instead the hand on behind, drink in hand kinda look. ( been there)

So Ladies next time your man wants to take a photo, you too men. Make sure its classy and sexy as this one. You guys will compliment each other and really set something off.



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