Somebody always have it worst than you……boo! Stop Complaining!


Ok why is this soo funny to me???????? lollllll BREATH and BUTT

See this goes to show you in life that when you complain about something, just think………… somebody else have it worst than you. That\’s why we have to be Thankful.  When you wake up in the morning, you have got to give some Praise to God. Its so important.

Just imagine going from walking yourself, to walking with a cane from one day to the next. That stuff really happens. We complain about our light bills and gas bill, phone, cars and clothes, but what about the \”toliet paper\” in this picture that really does have it worst than the toothbrush?  I mean for real tho. Thats deep.

Sometimes I catch myself complaining but The Lord checks me real quick,

My Pastor has this saying.  Its them today but could be you tomorrow.

Think about it



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