Im tagged!

OK, I got tagged today. Dang, feel like somebody don made me run up and down the stairs to wash some clothes or something. Feels like I gotta wash dishes, cant explain this \”tagged\” feeling, but for some reason I feel as tho I have to do some extra \”house work\” LOL
Well, here it is:
 6 Movies that I can watch over and over:
  •   A Long Kiss Good night
  •   The Color Purple
  •   The Temptations ( I know alllllllllllll the routines)
  •   Tyler Perry\’s Madea\’s Family Reunion ( The Play)
  •   White Chicks (Rosie O Donell, or Janet Reno? LOL)
  •   Scary Movie (Wayans Brothers) ( take my hand chile~ my fanny\’s comin through)

4 TV Shows that I Like
  • ANTM ( but WHAT is Ms. J???)
  • Nanny 911 ( dem bad azz kids, I have my belt out watching this show) lol
  • FLAVOR FLAVVVVV ( and Im going to continue to eat my steak with my knife)~New York said to Hotti LOL
  • Animal planet
Vacation Spots (I\’ve been to & would love to go back)
  • Florida Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Island of Adventure (Florida to sum it up)
  • Atl
  • Toronto~~ Parade
  • Chicago
  • New York (that\’s all nothing major)
Vacation Spots (I would love to go to)
  • Cruise Line ( Nov 07)
Websites I visit everyday:
  • Tyler Perry,
  • Pearls of Wisdom ( one of the founders)
  • Anita Baker  (Fan site)
  • Yahoo 360 all day
  • Biblegateway
Foods I like:
  • Greens
  •  cat fish
  •  barbecue
  •  banana puddin
  • Cabbage
  • Chinese Food
  • Salad\’s
Things I always carry
  • License
  • Make up
  • Lip gloss
  • bones (money)
  • Visa
  • calendar
Things I like to do
  • Go to plays
  • concerts
  • have a get together
  • play phase 10 and clue
  • Blog
  • Read
Friends I want to tag
Lady J and Co-coprah YOURE  IT!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

4 Replies to “Im tagged!”

  1. You know for a split second I was like who’s Co-Coprah …LOL girl I got so many titles round here ….lol But imma get it done in a few .. gotta check in with my talk show audience and then I’ll be back ( wink) !!!


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