*Raisingurls To Women*

Hey Family!

How is everyone? Today was a * interesting day*. Got up for work this morning I had to eat something this time, because yesterday I was feeling so weak because I didn\’t eat before I left home. And I know better than to work 71/2 hours without eating. So, I bought a snickers and a bottle of water, boy did that pep me up. I got home and made a coupla polish sausages.

Well. For the next month or so, I\’m going to be focusing on my Teen group.Nothing else. When I become focus, I\’m a totally different person. I love that about myself. The name of my group is called * Raisingurls To Women*. And our first meet is at my home April 19, 2009. I have been preparing for this day, and doing my bi-weekly planning schedule. I\’m trying my best not to have a lot of gurls this time, things could get out of order. So, I\’m going to be prayerful on many things.

My gurl Gloria got engaged last week. Im so happy for her. Yes yes yes! She deserves all the happiness in the world.

I\’m off to bed.

God Bless


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