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Meet Tasia!
Yess  Tasia was ONE OF MY RAISINGURLS!!! She was one of my babies when she first joined my group of teens at my home.She had just started Junior High and was one of the last group of gurls I had before I moved into my apartment. She’s doing so well and I’m so proud of her. Her last post was this…I will cross that stage June 7th with a 4.0 GPA mark my words!!! 

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Parenting Tips

When driving and coming to a ice cream truck ice cream truck it is very important to treat it as if its a school bus. You may not see any children coming, but its important to slow down, then come to a stop, because you never know with kids. They’re just being kids when they dart out into on coming traffic. They are doing exactly what they’re suppose to do at their age. Especially if they are excited. We all know that feeling of seeing the ice cream truck and to be able to buy something. Its up to us to know better. You want to always be in position that if you’re riding up a residential street, and a kid dart in front of you, that they can get back up and be okay. After today’s accident here in Detroit where a young gurl was hit by a driver and KEPT GOING. It reminds me to be mindful and for you who read this as well. We are the adults, we have to be the eyes and ears for our children. Even if they’re in the wrong to dart out in front of our cars, we have the responsibility to STOP until that truck is done serving. Lets be careful.

Watch the video below


I’m ready to move from this apartment, but I want to stay in this area. Its too small, I haven’t even unpacked all my things. Ever since being here, I haven’t really done anything. My lease is up in December, I’m out of here. I want towels, tissue, tooth paste, bleach, Ajax, brillo pads, dish towels, paper towels, bathroom smell goods, different kinds of soaps, bath oils, bath liquid, dish washing liquid, living and dinning room smell goods and things like that to TAKE OVER MY BATH CLOSETS… Here I can only buy so much. There’s no space! I don’t like that. I like to have 3 and 4 of each item. I hate looking in the cabinet and being out of something. I have so many things still in totes. Sigh …….anyway. I’m off to bed to day dream about my new apartment with everything in it.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Inside the crazy mind of Ms. Walker

babies in shapes
A mother and father finds out that they’re expecting a baby
everyone is excited
they call up everyone and tell them of the good news
later on in the pregnancy they  find out what sex the baby is
the baby moves for the first time… and its pure excitement
a baby shower is planned
gifts are bought, food is served, games are played
the labor begins
lots of pain
the baby is born and the pain is no longer remembered
the first eye to contact with baby and parents are breath taking
they promise to love and protect the baby
Now, I could go on and on with the stages of life… but I’ll stop here for a reason. How does a mother and father go through these stages but someplace between the beginning and the growing years, they grow up to be disrespectful, killers, thieves and other things that are NOT good. I just sit back and wonder….WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT HAPPENED? I just don’t get it.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“Behind the Scenes~ what’s going on at your childs School” CREES BLOG ENTRY

KIMPERSHINGIts no secret… I LOVE KIDS. I love listening to them talk, I love the way they express themselves, I adore the way they hear things, how innocent they are when they feel that “their truth” is THE TRUTH. LOL I know that one of my gifts from God is working with them, and being their voice…. because I truly UNDERSTAND them….whether I agree with them or NOT.

There are a lot of things that kids, hear, do, see and BE when they’re in school, and not around their parents. They can have straight A’s and all 1’s in citizenship, but THAT IS ONLY ONE PART OF WHO YOUR CHILD REALLY IS. Education and CHARACTER are 2 different things. Your child can be well EDUCATED but have ABSOLUTELY no sense of direction, understanding AND WHO THEY ARE.

Understand that even though your child may act like they don’t hear you…. THEY DO. When I’m talking to them, the first thing they say is ” My momma always told me……….”. So trust me they hear you.

So with that said…. since I work at a High School here in Detroit that goes to school ALL YEAR ROUND this year being its first year… YES ….all year round. I have decided that I would keep ALL OF MY PARENTS AND GUARDIANS up on how our children think, act and tips on what can be done so that our children can grow up to be Successful PRODUCTIVE Adults. Many parents have NO IDEA the influence that is taking hold of our children when they’re not around. I DO.. AND I SEE IT.

So join me every Tuesday and Thursday on my BLOG page for “Behind the Scenes~ at School”. I’m going to post TIPS, QUESTIONNAIRES, IDEAS, HOT TOPICS, and lots of other goodies. It’s going to be very good, and very informative.

Photo is of Kimberly on of my students.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Today was a good day!!! :)

nell britt at targetHey 🙂


Today was a good day!!! I slept most of my School Vacation last week. LOL Now since school has started back… I’m not even sleepy even on 4-5 hour sleep nights. I bet you tonight though…. I’ll be in bed by 11:00. LOL


As I look around my apartment, I can’t help but think about Atlanta. I still want to live there, and I know its coming. Its really deep that since being back, me and my dad have gotten really close. I even moved him around the corner from me, so that if he needs me I can be there real quick. God has a way of helping you to heal of past hurts. Who knows what could have happened, if I was living in Atlanta and he died without me getting the PEACE I always wanted about him. And the funny thing is, my mom is laid back, she says her peace, and she’s done. You knew she mean business. But my dad is the one who is aggressive and strong minded. All 4 of us take after my dad. We are all STRONG MINDED…. they say I’m the worst, but I don’t think so. We all are. Guess what I’m really saying is, that’s probably why me and my dad didn’t get along because of that. But God is working it out.


My kids at school are something else. It takes a STRONG person to work with these kids today. Baby, if I didn’t work with them daily, nobody could tell me the things they say and do. What amazes me is that God equipped me to do this. If parents knew what their kids were doing, they would either be upset, or say “they do that at home”. I am also happy that I was placed in a school where the neighborhood has gangs and lots of issues with anger. These are the students I feel I can reach. I’m very firm, I can be cool, I’m easy to talk too, but at the same time…. I have to BOSS UP. The boys are way taller than me, and the gurls are BEAST these days. I dunno why this job challenges me. I love getting the “Leaders” of the group and breaking them down. I learned once you break that leader down….. you can get to her/his crew. There is one gurl who thinks she’s so tough. She was running her mouth to me today….. I gave her this one look, and told her in my low, “to the point eye contact voice “FALL BACK” , she knew I meant business. Can’t wait to see her tomorrow. She’s one of those loud gurls…. I use to be just like that. Talk loud, thinking I’m saying something and wasn’t doing anything. I think this is why I love this job, I see myself in many of the students. The boys are hard headed… BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I raised one daughter, but never a boy. But I have a stronger connection to them. These gurls are really different than back in the day. Boys they get over ” me fussing” with them and they hold no grudges… but them GALS….BAAAABY they will gang up on you, and you have to threatened to exclude them in order for them to calm down. But I love my job. I love kids…. Maybe I need to have one more. Who knows. LOL


I have been writing like crazy. I’m so proud of myself. I have really a lot of work done. I just hope people get it. I do. Speaking of “getting it”. This week I’m going to do a blog on Temptation Tyler’s movie…..some people are just not getting it. And it bothers me so bad, so I will do that this week. ALL OF YOU AND NONE OF ME LORD….. when I write that one!! Oh boy!


Alright off to bed. Know that God loves you, and always SHOW YOURSELF FRIENDLY 🙂

*photo my nieces Brittney and Ganell*

One of my favorite Students * I love kids*

1216855446-hr-1382Today was a silent day. My BFF can always tell when something is going on with me. Sometimes it makes me sick.(LOL) I get quiet and she knows it. More on that in my next blog entry.

I knew that when I went to work this morning the students would make me feel better. Its a trip that I prayed for a gurl when Nesha was born. I’m finding out that my bond is closer with the boys. They don’t have attitudes, they play too much, and will try you, but for the most part…. I think I’ve been sleeping on them.

I have never in my life seen so many gurls with attitudes… for NO reason. But I study them, I found out that gurls go through a lot. We are very emotional, and we think about stuff way too much. Boys let it go through their minds and its over. Imma have to talk to GOD about that. LOL Here I am still thinking about an email almost a week ago, and the person who sent it, probably aint thought no more about it. LOL Its funny, but its not. I need to find out why we’re like this.

I remember being 14 and thinking about boys all day long. I couldn’t sleep too busy thinking about boys. And trust me, they do the same thing, as soon as the bell ring, they are somewhere looking for their gurlfriends and HER friends to play in the hall way. I’m learning with kids though, that they are doing exactly what they’re suppose to do…. PLAY and learn from their experiences.

This one boy, he’s just like me…. let people get under his skin. I’m better with it because I’m older and have more experience with dealing. I see myself in him so much its crazy. What amazes me is that people LOOK for opportunities to get under our skin. Seems as if they wake up to find people *like us* to irritate. But as soon as we SNAP….THEY’RE DONE WITH US!!! And you know what’s a trip? I have been in SO many situations where I’d find myself in, and I have to end up praying myself out of TURNING INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK! I was standing in line one day, and the lady at the register was taking so long, with decided which things she wanted, she was with her friend who was so embarrassed, she left and went to sit in the car. This lady took so long, didn’t care about how long the line was. I was seconds from turning into the HULK. And when I get like this * not too often* I have to walk around in my little square, and think about PEACEFUL things like……. Flowers.. roses, water, rain, trees, clouds, God/Jesus, bathtub, rivers, and grass to keep me from turning into a green monster. My legs get to moving side to side, and my eyes probably turn GOLD. LOL I get hot, and if my mind wander from those things I name…. I can feel the ROAR in me when the HULK wants to rise. The best thing is…. I can hear God so clearly saying, Lacrease you can do it, just be calm, stay focus, don’t embarrass me, relax, its okay. So, I know what this boy is going through. He doesn’t know how to find a medium in how to react. I told him today…. its still a struggle for me… and I’m 46. He was shocked when I told him I still struggle. He’s a serious person just like me, and the people who love to play, love to get an reaction out of us, will be the ones to push our buttons. We had a good long talk today. I think he’s one of my favorites. 🙂

What hurts me the most is seeing those young gurls who are going through something. This one gurl walks the hall so slow, and with something heavy on her heart. I can tell when she looks at me that something is going on with her at home. I can feel it. I went to her and introduced myself and said to her… if you ever want to talk to me, you can.. my name is Ms. Walker and what ever we talk about is between me and you. I saw her today and my heart smiled. There is so much molestation and rape going on with these kids… it pisses me off. I know the spirit. Then some come to school and be as tough as they wanna be, then there are those who suffer in silence…. gotta leave this topic alone.:(

Next week is Spring Break… YES!!!! I’m going to the movies this weekend with my friends, and next week… I will be writing and catching up on personal things.

Be Blessed!