De JaVu

Hey Good People,
Guess I’m liking this new * house* of mines. Weblog. Sitting here listening to Dionne Warwick DeJaVu……….. I love this song so much. Its # 34 in my Ipod. Its very soft and melow. songs like this takes me to places that’s not even on the map. Music that soothes me puts me in a mood that’s chilled all the way out. Check out these verse.
This is insane
All you did was say hello
Speak my name
Feeling your love
Like a love I used to know
Long ago.

How can it be
You’re a different space and time
Come to me.
Feel like I’m home
In a place I used to know
Long ago
Deja vu –
Could you be the dream that I once knew
Is it you
Deja vu –
Could you be the dream that might come true
Shining through


Photo by Neishia
Photo by Neishia

Today I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to try and do God’s job. I think too much and it hinders MY job, and what I’m suppose to be doing. I’m always trying to * help* someone, and like my dad said to me a few days ago, you want people to look at things YOUR way. Maybe its true, maybe I do try to get people to see things my way. It could be the smallest thing, and I’ll do that.
I sat down on my couch today and I asked myself that question, and I already know why I do that. I can see things before they happen. I always hated this gift growing up cause I would tell people stuff and they didn’t believe me. I didn’t know why I knew these things, but I did. Never knew it was a gift just couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see what I saw. I felt that we are all people, and why me? I can saw to someone, if you don’t stop talking bad about your child’s father to them, when they get older they will be mad at you and cling to them. The child will grow up and do just that………..then this same person who didn’t listen to me, would come BACK  years later and ask me to repeat it and then  help them. And yes it would bother me, cause I told them in the first place. I’m stuck at dealing with that. Its like I don’t even want to be bothered. I don’t want to be like that, because I feel that I’m pleasing myself, and not God. God would want me to gladly talk to them and help them because I do have insight. Who ever is reading this, its a very powerful gift and its something not to be taken lightly. I’m learning how to control my feelings when things backfire for the people I warned. Cause I know god warned me about a lot of things, but he’s still my friend, he still loves me and he still strap me with this gift.
I remember having this gift so strong, that I told him * yes God* to take it from me. I sure did. Didn’t want the gift because I didn’t fit in with others, I saw things but they didn’t. They said I was crazy, so I told God, take it back…..I don’t want it. Why hang with people who don’t see what I see. What a childish mind I had. lol When I got older and got more into the word I realized it was a gift and that I wanted it back. It seems to get stronger, and I know that I’m different. I know this. I have accepted the fact and I’m loving it. I need to control my feelings, and thoughts…like now!! lol
Anyway………. lol On to something happy. I’m sitting here watching the Tweets between Tamika Ushers wife and some fan. These people are crazy!!! Some of the things that come out of them……those celeb don’t have to let people into their lives, and some fans just go to far. There are a lot of positive tweets that hit the air waves, especially Rev Run, Tyrese, Diddy, Oprah, Shonnie and Shaq, I love their tweets and they show lots of photos. Its an outlet for promotion too. Tyrese stay on the grind for his new movie Transformers. He is soooooo cool too.
Tomorrow after work I’m going to get some more pickles and MORE candy for the gurls. We are going to go higher in sales next week!!! I have a vision so big for them, its crazy!!! When we are done with this sale we aren’t going to have to pay for anything except the trip TO CEDARPOINTE. They will have meal tickets and T-shirts lol..FREE That’s my goal for them. So I’m talking about making @ least $330.00 before August 22, 2009!!! Next year I want us to go to Disney World Florida!!! I’ve been 2 times, and Neisha has been 3 times. We loved it and I want the gurls to travel. I want them to go places you cant sit on the porch all your life. You gotta get around and travel the world. So, I have already started that process……….well see what happens.
Im gone to bed gotta be at work @ 9. Yea, Im pushing it. lol

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