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What’s going on. Its late and here I am up blogging. I came home from work today and took me a long nap, I was so tired and so sleepy. I knew that I would be up late tonight, and its just 2:00 am. Oh well, Imma still be up for service in the morning.

Can’t wait for my vacation next month. I need a break from work. I sure wish it was like school….you can take a few months off and collect 75% of your earnings, that would be so cool. But its not like that so…….gotta go to work until vacation time has arrived.

Today I laid across the couch and watched Tyler Perry’s Why did I get Married on HBO, or Showtime. That Tyler had me cracking up at the end when they all met back up after Jill Scott Character had gotten married. Tyler was standing there laughing and teasing Richard about her working out to lose weight. LOL Tyler know he was instagating that part. lol I was laughing so hard, his facial expressions was so funny to me. But the part I would have been mad on is when his wife came into his apartment while his * assistant* was there helping him put things up. He told his wife that she * the assistant* was pregant with twins, OH MY Goodness, I would have passed out and had a fit. That was a joke, but it had me going. I dunnno if I can deal with that, but then again if you really love someone like you say you do, then you may be willing to work things out. That was scary, Im glad he was playing. Why was the assistant over there anyway? And another part had me * itching*…… when Diane came in late for his Birthday and she said…… Terry Im sorry for being late, I forgot,……. and he replied with this……… you remeber what you want to love. Ughhhhhh I hated that. Ugh….. He said it like………its okay I’m use to this with you, its all about you, I have my assistant who remebers my BD and help out with OUR CHILD,  its okay….Im already over it. Ughhh that part burned me up. His facial expressions especially. I would be like ummmmmm she gotta go before we discuss things thats going on in this house. LOL That movie was good, its one of my favorites from Tyler.

Tyler Perry, Jill Scott, and Janet Jackson Wonder Why Did I Get Married?I can’t wait for Why did I get married 2. I love when Tyler has this certain look to his sexyness. I love when his mustage is around his mouthImage: Tyler Perryand its cut thin. And Tyler please don’t lose no weight for this role, cause you look sexy thick. I stay on my brother about this same thing, yes you can be healthy, yes you have a little stomach, but as you get older you can’t look like a little bitty stick man. Thats crazy!!

As some of you know I really love and enjoy talking to kids. They are so interesting and very smart. When they’re young, they’re at the stage where they are learning they don’t forget anything. I was working today and this kid was talking to me * I swear I’m a magnet with them* and he said that his mom don’t remember anything. And this really puzzled him because he couldn’t understand why he could remember and she couldn’t. I explained to him that he’s at the age where he NEEDS to remember. He wants to remember, he has a young * computer* in his head that NEEDS to store information, Where you have your mom who is older and has already learned what you’re learning, and its not AS important for her to remember as it is for you. Immediatelyhe got it. I beleive that kids/teens only get upset and cry when they don’t understand something. Thats why I stress to my co workers and my friends that its important to take the tine to explain things to their kids. When you talk and scream at them, they don’t receive it and look at it as being against them. For example. Today I asked this young boy, why is it that when kids come to the store they want toys and candy? I said to him do you understand that its OKAY if you dont get what you want sometimes? I said I want a truck, but its OKAY if I can’t have it right now today, but one day I know that Im going to drive one. He understood his own situation when I explained mines to him. See kids need to hear their issue, hear an example of yours in a sentence, and then explain to them that its okay if things cant take place right now this mintue. Even if they don’t want to hear it, they still understand what youre saying, and its very important. 100_2788





Where are the good men? I wish one would come my way!!! Tonight I had a headache, threw on some jeans, I had my shoes all hanging off, looking a MEDIATAKEOUT mess, and this guy was getting out of his car when I was getting out of mines, shouted heyyyyyyyyyy you, I like what I see!! I turns around and give him one of my smiles, crewig




And walks into the store. He comes in right behind me flying………. lol He walks up to me and starts hugging me, and I have my credit card and my Licenses in my hand, at first Im thinking he was trying ease it out of my hand, but he was telling to put it away because he wanted to pay for my head ache medicine. He told the guy, hey I got hers and give me $10.00 on pump such and such. I said noooooo, I’ll pay for it, he insisted and so it was. But then when that was over and I was walking out of the store, he asked where was my man? I said at home…………….. knowing I was lying. He wasnt my type but he was a nice guy. The point Im making is, I dont want to feel obligated to him just because he offered and paid for my item. Just like when Im speaking to men in at work, I don’t  want then feel just because Im friendly, or they’re fione *lol* that they should ask me for their phone number. Im a Virgo, I wont just jump out at anybody.

I did me a solo today after work and went to Dairy Queen. But as I was getting in my car, I looked over at my moms glasses that were in the car, and say all this fat and always had a fit. Still driving to the Dairy Queen. I just don’t know what to say about myself and food. I just love it, dunno why I can’t eat a little here and a little there, I just got to eat the whole thing and it drives me crazy.

Im sleepy on my way to bed, rambling I know, Good Night! Cree

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