Im back!!!

I always knew I was a different kinda person. But since I’m older I really know its true. I have so much empathy that sometimes, I have too much hope for people. In one of me and my dad’s * debates* he told me that I want him to think like me. I have to remember that people are not like me and I’m not like them. All I want is for everyone to get along and be cool, no matter how much they don’t agree. Sometimes I just want to go off and be the mean person I use to be back in the day, people try to push you to that limit. But I wish I would go that way. Nope came too far. I can be a person who wants to be your friend, and I can be a person who never wants to see you or talk to you again. I just hate to pull that side out of me. Anyway……… no more dark alleys…I’m moving forward.

Maxwell’s CD comes out July 7, 2009. I can’t wait. I’m a member of his Fan Forum called MFF * Maxwell’s Fan Forum*, and I really LOVE that group because they are so positive and so together. OMGoodness if I could let everyone see the love they show for him. One of the ladies won a trip to the Essence Festival, and needed airfare and little things like that. So the founder of the group posted that we should all get together and send her money so that she can have extra and personal items. Yall should have seen all the love we showed her. She set up a pay pal account and people started sending her money. Next thing we knew, she had enough money in her account and she posted okay, I got the money, I’m good. People were still sending her money. So when I get paid next week, I’m going to send her something because I’m if it was me going to that show………..and Anita Baker is on the ticket, I would want all the help I can get. When those Tyler Perry plays were coming to town and I needed cash for a ticket until pay day, especially if tickets go on sale on the opposite pay week, shooooooooooe I was hit!!! But I have people in my life that wants to help me, they know how bad I want to go. So now its my time to help somebody. I really love and adore my Maxwell and Anita Baker family they really love and admire the artist without others trying to make it more than what it is. I wish everyday that I have ride or die Tyler Perry fans but I don’t so I wont even go into that.

For Anita Baker’s concert we ordered her a award its so nice!!! WE are going to present it to her on stage on July 31 when all my Anita Baker friends from on line come together. There are sooo many of them coming to Detroit. These are real fans and see I really love them. They don’t take no mess as far as people talking about their personal life, which I really love that part. Its all about the artist!!!

I called all my Raisingurls up today and told them how much we made, they want to do it again after our meeting in 2 weeks. We are going to work heavy on the first 15 books of the bible. I’m not playing either, in our notes I told that they I am serious about them learning the books. We not going to Cedarpointe to have fun and they not know anything. I’m going to make out some rules for the trip too, because I want everyone on their best behaviour. I upgraded my bus to a 57 passenger instead of a 33. Plus this one has a bathroom. Even if I don’t see all the seats, the cost will cover those empty.


I went to see Star Trek with my mother and Neisha, it was really good. I never watched it as a kid, I would be like Ugh that’s old peoples show. lol Only reason why I went to see it this time was because Tyler Perry was in it. Looking good too…..Dayum!  But ummm * clears throat* it was really, really good, and I’m even going to go back and watch some of the real shows. My mom came home and did just that. lol J.J. Abrams did a great job of casting Tyler because he knows Ty pulls in his own $62 million PLUS!LOL oops But baby just wait till Sep 11 gets here, no movie wants to go up against Tyler’s unless its a movie that’s low budget and is just looking for viewers more so than money. Lions-gate will have the movies blocked off that weekend. lol Its funny too cause all they want to see is how well Tyler will do against the other movies he made. People be killing me. I laugh.

I am so addicted to Twitter. That’s where all the Celebs hang out. I enjoy reading the tweets  to see whats going on with them. They are funny especially Tyrese, and Souljaboytellem. lol My screen name is MsVirgoCree mines is set for privacy, so many whackos on line gesshhhhh. Beyonce Sister Solange be having me laughing hard. She is so funny, so is Lil Mo and Tamika Raymond…Ushers wive. Hey…… wonder where is Demi. haven’t seen her twitting lately. Hmmm.

Well, I’m about to close up shop and go to bed. Got lots of planning for the gurls in a few weeks, those days go by so fast. Yesterday I told them to all take out their cell phones and exchange numbers with each other because they need to communicate with each other outside of this group. I cant wait to get their shirts. Oh wait, did I post a photo of their shirts for CEDARPOINTE? I don’t think I did. Aiight here it is.

This is the shirt in white, but we are wearing our group colors……Purple and White…………if they show up right.

*Raisingurls To Women* T-Shirts for Cedarpointe!
*Raisingurls To Women* T-Shirts for Cedarpointe!

This is why we must raise money. I don’t want my gurls to pay for their shirts at all… PERIOD. I want them to say that they worked hard for it by selling candy * in front of my home ONLY* . This way they only have to pay for their seat on the bus/admission into the park. And if we have enough for out T-shirts, then we can work on our meal tickets. See to eat @ Cedarpointe its cost $$$$$$$. And I don’t want my gurls paying that much. So when I called the park they told me that if I can gather up 15 or more people, then we can buy meal tickets to eat anytime we want to either The Hamburger/Fry eatery, the Hotdog, chicken fingers * the best I heard*, pizza station, or sandwich stand. And also they can buy wrist bands for $6.00 to drink all the POP they want at MOST of the fountain stands. I heard one cup of pop will cost you $3.00, this way we can pay $6.00 and drink all day. So I gotta run that by them as well. We have a lot of work today before we go on our trip. I think I’m going to let them have a sale once a month so that we can get this money up for this trip. I can remember going places with my friends family and asking….can you buy me this and that I ran out of money? So, I already know I gotta take enough money so that  * no child is left behind*. I don’t want none of my kids being without….. not while I’m there.

OK, guys I’m gone to bed…its late, late late.


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