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BLESSEDCree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving is already in progress!!! Cree along with Raisingurls To Women are Feeding 50 homeless people for Thanksgiving, and taking it to the streets. I wrote down a list of food, and all the items that goes along with it and took it to work  so that people can donate what ever it is we needed to feed 50 people. In 1-2 days my list was filled and complete with donors.

On our menu we have String Beans with white potatoes, Fried Chicken, macaroni and Cheese, Dinner Rolls, potato Salad. For desert we are having homemade Cookies, Brownies, Cake.  To drink we are having water, juice, and pop.

 I am very excited about this because I have always has a connection too homeless people. Ive never been homeless but I can almost feel what they are going through. I watch this a lot, and  I have like if people who work everyday, and have a roof over their heads, warm water and food on the table, then they should too. It’s so much money out here, and I feel that no one should ever be hungary. Next year I want to feed 60-75 people. Im so blessed to have people in my life who are just honored to help out with something as small as this. People are excited, people are cooking, people are going out to the streets with us to pass out food. People have donated money if though I didnt want money at all, all we need is food. It was a blessing to be able to buy extra things we may need. Im excited because I can see myself doing more. I can see myself doing this maybe 4 times a year. In my mind, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, its right there on the tip of my mind. We are video taping it and Im going to post it to youtube, and also give the link to my coworkers so that they can see the outcome.

Got writers block…………be back tomorrow!

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