Michael Jackson’s movie….. This is it

mj shorthairI went to see Michael Jackson’s movie last night, not once but twice. Yea, it was that good. After work yesterday I took my mother to the 5:30 showing, it was jammed packed too. When it was over, we decided to go and visit my sister and her husbands  to say hey,they were home passing out candy to the trick or treaters. That was fun to watch. I was telling them how good the  movie was, and they were like let’s go see it, let’s go see it!!! I didnt mind going back because it was that good to me. After they passed out candy, my mom went home got ready for work, and I jumped in the truck with my Sister and her Husband and went  to the 10:30 pm showing.

What I loved most about Michael Jackson is his humbleness. He knows his music, he knows his work. He knows what he wants, and he had a team that was willing and able to give it to him. He wasnt bossy or pushy, he knew who he was, and how he wanted things done. I loved that about him. He could hear something out of place, out of tune, not right, and he was able to communicate that to his people, and they made things happen. I admire his ability to Lead. His people no matter how long they knew him, they were still amazed at this work, and willingness to get better. I learned that its very important to take photos, and write letters, video tape yourself and family, so that when you pass on they will have something to cherish you by. Im glad Michael video taped this movie for himself, if people would really open their minds up to think about life, LOVE, and people, they could really learn a lot from this movie. I get sad when people say…. it wasnt that good, or I expected this or that. And Im like WOW, didnt you get all the messages from this movie? Didnt you see the Love he had for people? Didnt you see how well his communication skills were? Didnt you see how he could talk to someone so gentle, but firm and was able to connect to his people? Didnt you hear the lyrics to the songs like, This is it, and Heal the World? Did you get that fact that he wanted the music to go excatly the way he wrote it, and how the fans LOVED IT? Didnt you get the fact that in order to be great at what you do, you have to be hands on, willing to take a moment to see how everyone is doing with HIS VISION? After he was pleased with something he needed from someone, he ended with God bless You.

 Michael Jackson wanted peace. You can tell he wasnt for drama, or anything messy, he was a person who wanted to promote peace, and to the people that had access to his life THAT MEANT HIM BAD AND LIES, has explaining to do. Not to me, but to God.

 I love Michael Jackson and I always have. When he was going through court dates, and being sued, I wanted to talk to him so bad. I had a Diary  when I was about 9 years old.  I wrote in many of the pages…. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON all through it. LOL We are both Virgos and I have always have a connection to his life growing up as a child, and as an adult. It’s all good, because one day Ill be able to talk with him one on one. I believe that.

God Bless You All


One Reply to “Michael Jackson’s movie….. This is it”

  1. lovely notes.you’re absolutely right!!!!! Michael get everythings he want,and he is really good at singing and dancing. I wish him the best blessing.we all miss Michael so much,and you know the funny thing?? If i don’t dream about MJ tonight,i will kill myself just to go in Heven to see him!!! I really love Michael Jackson,and he will always be in my heart..I wish i could have i least one of his stuff like thriller jacket or anything,i don’t mind.you can even gave me the glasses..that will be cool with me.if anyone do this,i will pray for you anytime.I LOVE YOU MJ AND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS IS MY ADDRESS,(1017E-Bethany home RD Phoenix,AZ 85014

    Janet Martha Morie


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