On my mind:/

Where do I start? Inside of this  mind of mines, it spins, and spins and spins. I could be praying and the next thing Im thinking about is………… what time do I have to go to work in the morning? Stuff like that drives me nuts. So much is on my mind. Not so much as anything bad, just so many activities I got myself into. What am I going to wear, what time are my friends coming into town, how much money am I going to spend? Oh so much. My friends want to talk, or just hang out…. I don’t want to do any of it. I just want to be left alone to regroup myself and my life. Like where the Hell do I go from here? I want to be happy. I have been wanting to move to Atlanta for 18 years, since my first visit. Thats been on my mind, leaving my family behind and starting new doesnt bother me at all. Just finding a job there, and a NICE place. No shabs,  and no bad neighborhoods.

To be continued……. ( I’m sleepy)

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