Repost from 07 * They said*

I gotta question? Why when people are telling you something, they always say……………THEY SAID………….. that we had to” such and such”. Ok WHO IS THEY? I use to hate when Neisha tell me a story and then say……………… THEY SAID? I stopped her a long time ago with that. LOL Cause to me when you tell me THEY SAID, I start to feel powerless because I cant see or talk to these “THEY” people. I feel as if THEY have power over me, and since “THEY” don’t have a name, what “THEY say goes. Then I started thinking. I’m not going to hold another conversation with someone who says “THEY SAID” AGAIN!! You gonna have to come up with a name, a email address, a phone number, or SOMETHING. Cause aint no way……….. Imma let somebody “Supervise or Plant Manage” my situation without me being able to talk to them. Neishia already know not to tell me a story without names.

For example: My coworker comes to me and say………..”They said” that the only way you can get the day off is that you request it? OK…………….. WHO IS THEY? In order for you to feel comfortable relaying this message TO ME, YOU must believe your source. NOW help me to believe  WHAT YOU ARE SAYING AND to believe  your source ?”THEY” could be a group of people, it could mean 2 people. NOW… Who is THEY?  “They” in my mind are people who you can’t see, talk to, and negotiate with. Why would I want to hear the rest of “THEIR story? “THEY” are faceless people. Don’t let anyone tell you a story without names. That’s the first step in demanding the Truth.

I was on the phone taking care of some business this afternoon, and I was wondering why haven’t *they* received my paper work. And the first thing out of the ladies mouth was :”they have to check this and they have to check that.” I said WHO IS THEY? Give me names. You aint gonna tell me “they” without a name, so that my case can be thrown up in the air. And when I try to trace back, there is no names and no accountability.

I can tell you all the names of the people who work in that office, RIGHT NOW! GURL BYE!.I dont play like that! And the best part about it is, I don’t have to raise my voice, be mean or even go off. I make sure I’m strapped with my facts, dates, and NAMES. LOL

Question: When you wake up in the morning do your thoughts rush you? How do you calm them down? Don’t it seem like, they are competing with each other to get the words out to you? I can get up, sit on the toilet, and thoughts will rush me like I’m on a football field. Like they be sitting up waiting for me to wake up. What is that? And you know what I say to them. Danggggggggggggggg let me say HEY TO MY DADDY FIRST! DO you know they obey me? LOL They have too. I have the power ( through God) to tell them to Shut up!!! Yall are not going to take over my mind this early in the morning trying to be the first to talk.  Let me say Thank you Jesus for waking  me up  before yall start talking . LOL

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