Finally…. LaCrease

Thank you Lord for a new day. New thoughts, and more time to get it together.

When I returned home from Atlanta April 19, 2010. I made up in my mind that no one was going to get me down, and that if they did, I would shake it off as quickly as it came about. See, when I was in ATL, when we went to our hotel in Buckhead we got the best service in everything. When we went out to eat, and to see apartments, we got the best service. I said to myself, that when I get home, I want to treat people in this same way. I work for Walmart and its my job to give the best customer service, that means smiling, using words that are favorable, eye contact is a must, friendly tone, and plenty of Thank you’s. See this comes easy for me. Its nothing for me to walk up to a complete stranger and start up a conversation. Its NOTHING FOR ME!!! So, I said to myself, Lacrease, why do you let people get under your skin? You are a happy person all the time, why what others do bother you so much? My answer is……. I hate to see people acting dumb! I hate to see them with no sense of direction, no sense of *maybe I’m not doing this right*, some have no sense of knowledge of whats right or wrong. But they are not me………. so that’s when I knew that I have to get it together within, and be bold when I say….NO MORE.

Its been 22 days, and I enjoy going to work making the day of my customers. God tells me when to pull back on my thoughts, my facial expressions, and the wording of my words. I realize that I can’t make EVERYONE happy, but I put 100% in the ones who are happy, and when that one comes that is unshakable in * themselves*, I just Let it go, because I did my part. I can honestly say for the first time, I’m doing this God’s way and its working. He calms my mind down. Sometimes this Virgo over analyze, and over think things way too much, and I end up jacking myself up mentality. LOL Everyday I pray that tomorrow I have a great day at work, and that I motivate and inspire someone. So many people Love me. So many customers give me hugs, and when I returned home from ATL, I was so sick, I had to call off work for a week. This white lady saw this in me just before those days off, and she asked me could she pray for me right there at the register. My personality has to shine, God wants to take me higher,  but that was blocking me, I’m certain.

We were having dinner @ Glady’s Knight and Ron Winans restaurant after Church April 18, these 3 ladies about our ages came and sat across from us. One of the ladies, left her seat, asked me if she could tell me something, and I was like yesss, sure. She whispered in my ear something God told her to tell me, it was 3 scriptures. I was taken totally off guard, instantly tears started rolling down my face, I couldn’t stop crying. She was nervous, I was crying instantly. I couldn’t finish my food at all. She said I’m sorry, I’m just being Obedient to God. I understood that part, I was floored by what she said. After I got myself together, I cleared my face, and Thanked her over and over and over for telling me. She said “I was shaking”, but I had to tell you what God said. You talking about feeling special!!! When I got back to the hotel and ready for bed, I couldn’t wait to talk to God. I wanted to know what he want. That was a Summons. I day that because I had already told him that when I got home we are gonna do some serious talking. So when she told me what HE said, it was so real. One day last week, this middle-aged black husband and wife came through my line, and they were telling me the importance of tithing, and how God has blessed them truly financially. Then they both quoted the very same Scripture that the lady told me a few weeks ago. Blew my wig back!!! LOL

The amazing part of what the lady whispered to me, is that God has revealed 3 of the things to me. Now I have to work on them. One is in the bag, and the other 2 I’m working on. And God is going to help me. I’m feeling real good right now.

My baby Neisha graduated from Wayne State University yesterday!!! Yeah,, my baby did it. Finally she’ll be going to Law School in the Fall!!! We took lots of photos too. AFterwards we went to Greek town Casino for dinner. UGH.. I’ll never in my life spent $16.00 a plate for that food!!! Motorcity is the best HANDS DOWN!!! Then afterwards, we went to see Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family! Detroit, showed Tyler so much love it was unreal. I’m going back to Sunday, and I’m sitting front row with Neisha!!! Then, I’ll be back to share all my thoughts on the play.


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