My day…. July 12, 2010.

Hey Sweety Babies!!! ( My greeting to people I meet)


Ah where do I start? First I have got to Thank Jesus for blessing me and for loving me no matter what!!! No matter how crazy I am, ( hehe) he stills show me that I’m still in the running. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7 (New International Version)



 Today was a good day!!! I had to work this morning. Before work, I had to go to my bank @ 9 o’clock because those “doe doe birds” TRIED TO GET ME!!! Oh yea, they tried to get “ThatgurltheycallCree” LOL! Check this out. I had 3 purchases on my account that posted on-line at home AS SOON AS I SWIPED MY CARD….. Okay….. which was on the 6th. On the 7th I didn’t swipe my card at all. On the 8th was pay-day and I have direct deposit. Well, ( clears throat) on THEIR screen, my transactions for the 6th never posted until IN BETWEEN TIMES OF MY DIRECT CHECK DEPOSIT. But on mines it did. As, I was on my way to bed, I decided that I was going to go on-line pay my tithes to get that off the top. I said wait…….. let me check my balance first. I checked it and my direct deposit was there. I made the transaction to my Church on-line. On check day much later , I went to check my balance on my account and it showed that they took out 3 over draft fees for $33.00 each!!! I was like Noooooooo they didn’t. The next day I went to one of their branches, and the 2 ladies that where there said they couldn’t even EXPLAIN THIS TO ME, and for me to go to my own bank branch where I signed up at 6 years ago. This was Saturday. That meant I had to wait till today/Monday.

 Before I went in the bank, I had to have a pep talk with myself in the car, because I’ll get upset when they start talking dumb to me.  When another agent hears what has happened, they love to come over and try to explain *gang up on me* and help the original agent HELP me to understand. lol She looked at my account and told me that the reason why it went into overdraft was because when I made my transaction for the ones on the 6th, it didnt post at that time.  I said well, it posted on my screen on line!!! So when I paid my Tithes, that amount took up the amount I had left, making the 3 trans actions that happened 3 DAYS BEFORE HAND……….OVERDRAFT. And Im looking and saying to her  in my COUNTYIEST VOICE * What was that now*? I said how is that a transaction can post immediately  thats way higher than the 3 that was DONE 2 days ago, and make my account overdraft? She was looking so crazy, so guess you know………. the lady in the booth ova from us comes over and try to explain to me what happened.  * See, I told yall*  Im cool, Im listening. Then they both look at my account and say: Lets call ( over the phone)  such and such, she may be able to explain this. They called this person, brief her, and then she tried to run it down to me. She said not once were you in the negative when you made your transactions. She said, but whenever you use your direct deposit, make sure you do it after 5:00am.  She says what happened doesnt happen often, but we have seen it a time before. I wonder how many times they do this to old people? This is not FAIR!!!! She ran me back my “chips”  THO and thats all that mattered!!


My Sister who is under me had to have surgery @ 11:00 am. She was told by her doctor that she had a clog artery and that they wanted to perform surgery to clear it. She was nervous, so was our whole family. I can’t take any kind of issues like this. I go crazy mentally… I really do. So today I was kinda nervous. Just the fact  dealing with her heart and stuff, I’m not cool with that at all. Her husband was with her today, I went to work and I said a prayer for her last night and today while driving to work. I don’t like to show what I’m going through on my face at all. I can be dealing with 50 issues and only those who know me., would know something is wrong.  I don’t want to discourage anyone, who needs to talk with me. After I said my prayer for  my Sister, I felt good, I had Peace. I knew that God wanted me to let him take care of it, for me not to worry and to continue working.



Then this white lady came through my line, she had to be about 47 somewhere up in there. When she walked up to my register, I had my head down. When I  looked up into her EYES to greet her, I was taken back by a STRONG BURDEN. I FELT A STRONG SENSE OF BURDEN ON HER. I had never felt anything like it before. Instantly, I said whats wrong, are you okay? She looked at me with a very, very humble voice and shook her head ( don’t remember if she was shaking it yes or no.) Um um, I knew something wasnt right with her. The burden she was carrying was so strong, I can actually feel it. That’s deep to me. The moment I looked into her eyes, I FELT IT. So, I’m ringing her up trying not to look at her, thinking I have got to say something, I can’t as a Christian let her leave here the way she came. God, said LaCrease when you are done, go around and hug her, and while you are there let her know that if she believes God will lift her burden it will be. I couldn’t finish ringing fast enough. Then people started lining up behind her, and I was like dang…………. should I do it? Then for a split  second, I thought about JUDAS . Don’t ask… lol That flash back was enough. I never NOT planned on hugging and talking to her, but when I saw other people, I starting thinking okay, should I keep ringing to get the line down? Then I thought naw, I’m doing this!!! I finished her transaction, and I caught her totally off guard when I walked around from my register to embrace/hug her, INSTANTLY she started crying. Imma cry baby, so I told myself “YOU WILL NOT CRY LACREASE” LOL I hugged her so tight, I said God will lift this burden off your shoulder if you just let him. I told her that she had to BELEIVE IT!!!! I told her she has NO BUSINESS carrying around  BURDEN this BIG!!! She didn’t tell me what it was, and I didn’t want to know. Her Burden was the biggest I have ever felt. She was a woman very very humble, and very little words. She cried and cried and cried. She wasnt expecting that at all. Thats why when people come into my life to Minister to me, and they don’t know me, or they have a word for me, I listen. I may not understand it at the time, but  YOU BETTA BELIEVE that I’m going to be in prayer about it because IT ALWAYS COME TO PAST!!! EVERYTIME. And if I am out here Ministering to others, I want them to know that these words come from God not me. It’s not always easy to tell someone what the Lord said. Thats a form of Obedience, and as a Christian its our job to do as he say. I havent talk to one person who wasnt right about what they had to tell me about someone, or something. I guess, I’m stuck at “why I didn’t see it first, afterall it does have something to do with me”. But that’s okay, and its petty to try to figure out why, it’s just my job to do right by the information. Praise God? 



I get off work, and I can’t dial my Sisters cell phone fast enough. I’m driving on the freeway pushing numbers , pushing the wrongs one tryna stay focused on the road. They told her that she might be in there for a day, if she did good, she could go home today. I didn’t get an answer, so I called my momma. She was like Na ( Yolanda) is home. I said home? For real? I said things must have went good, she said they went to do  second look and found out that NONE OF HER ARTERIES WERE CLOGGED. They said it was clear!!!! They didn’t have to perform surgery at all!!! I was so happy and so THANKFUL TO GOD!!! OMG I was so happy driving home. As soon as I walked into the door she called me from home, she was tired tho. What happened was, they had went through the whole thing of surgery, but when they looked it them, it was clear!!!  But so what! She has her husband, my niece to help her around the house.



I had a good day today. I have been learning so much about people, and when I sat around and talked about it with my brother and sisters, we all are experiencing the same thing in life. ITS DEEP! Thats coming up tomorrow. DEEP, DEEP, DEEP!



 I’m on my way to bed, I’m off tomorrow! You all know what that means, Im going to the River in the A.M. tomorrow. So peaceful

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