Crazy Praise!!!

Today was  a beautiful day!!! As I was driving home on the freeway, I looked up at the sky and saw how beautiful it was. Isnt it something, how God allows us to do many things, but when it comes to changing night from day, he does that? And havent anybody noticed how perfect he is,  that the night has never hesitated to turn into day? WE need to give him Praise just from that alone!!! LOL Crazy Praise!!!

Even though I have started my Sistergurls Ministry on-line, I feel bad about not being able to connect with my Raisingurls @ my home. A lot of the gurls always called me for a ride, and for 2 years I would pick them up, take them home, when we went to the movies, I would pick them up. We also went out to dinner and I provided transportation, but my car is down….. I had to JUNK IT  because it was giving me problems. So now, I’m using my daughters car, and I feel so bad about that. A few days I was praying, and ask God to bless me with transportation. And he said what kind? I remember my BF always tell me to be specific because that’s how she got everything the way she asked from God. I couldn’t tell him what I wanted, so I said God, I’ll think about it and tell you later. LOL So embarrassed!!! Later on that night when I prayed, I told him exactly what I wanted. A  2010-2011 grey Chrysler Town and Country Van!!!Chrysler Town And Country Front Three Quarters View

I really love this Van. When I was in Atlanta we rented one and I didn’t want to give it up. This would be perfect for them. Plus I get so tired of needing 3 and 4 cars, with this, all I need is 2. A coupla of my gurls have really been off the chain since we had a meeting last year and the year before. I keep in touch with them, they are all on FB so that helps me a lot. I’m on my way to bed, gotta go to work in the AM. I’m cooking some greens for Sunday.

I have a house-warming to go to next week, a wedding next month, and also my ANITA BAKER family is coming here, that’s gonna be fun!! Well, talk to you later, and please listen to this song.


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