“Crees Feeding the Homeless”

Thank you Jesus for waking me up this morning. I was off and I slept good last night……until I got real hot. It was humid or something, but we were hot in this baby.


Okay, I have officially kicked off  “Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving”. This year my best friend and her husband has gotten on board. They have already went out and bought the items they signed up to do, and has also gotten several people to sign up.  I gave the sheet to my family first this year so that they can sign up FIRST. Last year, I took my sheet to work and when I came home it was already filled, and there was very little for them to do.  With so many people at my job, I seem to always missed people who didn’t get the chance to do it last year. This year, I’m hitting them first as well. Sad, but also happy to say, that it is only 2 more things to get :/ The help is overwhelming!!! I had everything on the list, from eggs to bacon ( as ingredients). I Thank God so much for this, I just need to come up with a way to do this more often. Next year we’re going to feed 100 people! People want to help, people want to get involved. All we have to do is open our mouths.


Look, a few days ago, I was walking in the door and, my bosses,~ boss came up to me and started telling me about how the company wants to get involved with helping a  homeless shelter this season. (another foundation). And that one of the office personal ladies wanted to talk to me about it. So she asked me to stop by the office  after I punch in and talk to the lady. I did. And you know whats funny? This lady that I had to talk to, to me she always seemed funny acting, or had something on her mind. She barely speak, and she always look “zoned” out to me. So, I was really hesitant about seeing her. Well, I did and we stayed in the office talking for a loooong time!!! We had some much in common as far as the homeless and our vision to help, it was unreal. Never judge a cover by its book!!!!  She want me to help her gather can donations so that we could get them to this place we want to sponsor. Then she asked me about my project. I was blown away about how it has gotten around the building. Which is GOOD!  Only those who are donating knew about it.  She asked me “how do you get people to donate”? Arent you nervous? I told her, when you believe in a project, you’re NOT nervous or scared at all. I said you have to believe in  your vision, you have to believe that it will work. People will see that confidence, and they will take a chance on you. I told her, when I take this sheet ( I showed it to her) around to people, they gladly sign it. People also remember the person you are when they sign on. If you known as a selfish, greedy, schemer, have attitudes, funny acting……. ALL YEAR AROUND…….they remember that kinds stuff, and they will tell you NO just by the person you are daily. Thats why I tell people… presentation, and character,  is important.


So, later on, she came back to me and said that the STORE MANAGER, wanted me to type up how I got started doing the “Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving” and to give it to him so that I can compete with 5 spots to appear in one of our monthly newsletters. I’m excited about that. WOW!!! I didn’t know that HE knew about it too. WOW.

So………… I went to the computer at work and saw that I was denied that day off 11/24/2010. I was horrified. But after talking to my assistant manager, she’s going to give it to me. That part is the biggest blessing ever, and I can’t even post why……….yeah FAVOR is all I’m going to say. God told me not to worry that he would take care of it, and HE DID.


I have so much to share, but Imma have to tell some tomorrow. It’s really deep too, gotta find a way to post it without offending. Well, good night!!



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