Today was a very good day!!! I love having good days and I Thank God for them. You know people watch you, and they want to see that you represent Christ. I fall DAILY. DAILY DAILY! But I love that God puts me back in my place. I can laugh about it and keep my place in line. LOL


 I like to be up on the latest news, I’m a news freak and I have to know whats going on. I am so excited that all 33 miners are out and safe with their families. I cried so much tonight, I hope my husband get to see tears on my wedding day. LOL I’m a cry baby for real. I hate to say it, because some people won’t even get this, but this is the kind of things we need to appreciate our family and friends. We have to sometimes go so low, so that when we go high, we can look up and appreciate each other. That one miner who had a wife and mistress, I really hope that he learned a lesson in all of this. But I will say this, if that was MY HUSBAND, I bet that mistress wouldn’t have her BUTT on the site!!! How you gon show up at the site and I’m the wife? disrespectfull as HECK! See, that couldn’t have been ME. I would have shut that whole SITE down!!! While she thinking she was the “plant manager”. That should have been a wake up call for all cheaters. LOL But seriously, when tragedy strike like this, God is showing us something deeper. They showed so much love for each other, I just couldn’t stop crying. I know God looks down on the fellowship and smile.


 Today, I was called into the office again! This time the lady ask me if I mind “Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving” to be INTERVIEW. This is really getting deep! I’m so excited, and will share more at a later time. My sheet is all filled! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! 75 people will be feed this year. A special Thanks to all my Family and Friends! I’m so excited. Thank you Jesus! Thank you! I will be taking LOTS AND LOTS of photos, and also VIDEO FOOTAGE.


Come inside my mind…….and listen with me




Good Night




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