“Im telling you the truth” * ppl are a trip*


 Its been a minute, been busy. We had a ball feeding the homeless this year. Our goal was 75 but we had enough food to feed 86 people. They were so grateful, and Thankful. Which leads me to this vent……. I need to let out.


 I work with the public, money toting, gotta hurry up, ungrateful and selfish me, me, me, me people. They make me sick!!! I’ve always said that I rather work with homeless, old people, children, and animals any day of the week, than to be around, selfish, greedy, “it’s all about me” adults. People my age and under….. PISS ME OFF!!! I see all kinds of people, deal with all kinds of spirits everyday. I have the personality to deal with them, I don’t take things to heart unless its STUPID and the person seem to not learn anything from the experience. Just today I was working the 20 items or less register with another gurl. There is only ONE line, but both registers are open. Now this lady sees the line, but she waltz her azz up to the second counter, and I say to her in a very, very, nice tone of voice, showing all my teeth, being as friendly as I am daily….  ” Sorry maam, its only one line”. She turns looks to me (mean) and back up. But the people that’s standing there to get waited on LOOKED AT HER like they will bite her head off, spit it out, and slap her back home IF she didn’t get in the back of the line…….. but she gives ME the evil eye.???????? Yeahhhh okay lady, you BETTA BE GLAD IM WORKING and I HAVE GOD IN MY LIFE. I can see the fire in her eyes. She gets back get in line, and then when the cashier says ‘NEXT” she turns her smart azz to me and says” told you I was next”. Now, she done made me mad, cause she missed the whole point! It went right over her head. In my mind I said ” Of course YOURE NEXT *doe- doe bird* but you still have people in front of YOU, the point of one line is to keep order, and not have 2 lines running together which cause confusion. People hate to be wrong, especially GROWN PEOPLE!!! Then they say…. “well I didn’t know”. How the hell you don’t know….. when you got 6 people standing in line, why do you think it’s that easy to just walk up to the register and get rung up? To do that…. you are saying in “unspoken works” that these people are STUPID to be standing, when there is NO line over there. Are you serious? So, all these people are standing for free? But I bet she won’t do that in a BANK. Everybody knows its one line at a bank, if you waltz yourself up in the bank and walk up to the teller and you SEE it’s a line, you’re going to get RIPPED APART!!! Now try that!

Why do we live in a “its all about me” world? Why people can’t look out for others? Why are our minds so one track, that all we see is ME, ME ,ME when its time to get out of a grocery store, driving, in restaurants, or even out in public?  I have anger issues about  SOME people and how stupid they act. I do, and I know I need prayer in this area. There are a lot of things I let go, but somethings has got to be addressed.


I’m a very sweet person. It took hard work to get where I am today. The person I am didn’t just happen over night. I was angry, bitter, revengeful, hateful, honoree, everything you name. When I found God, I had to start loving myself, then others. It took a whole lot, but I’m here and I wont change that for anything. In my life I find that I am highly favored. It’s so deep that it amazes me sometimes how God works on my behalf. Its like now, I expect it. I’m always excited, and very grateful about every little thing. I also find that being an honest person, and a person who always tell the truth-no-matter how much it hurts, get me very far in this life. I smile, and laugh, try to uplift people and encourage them DAILY. I stop people on the streets and IN MY LINE  at work to ask them ‘ Do you believe in God” How is your prayer life?Neisha knows that when I leave the house with her, that she’s going to see me talking to everybody. She’s soooooo use to it. LOL Thats who I am. I even beg people to begin a prayer life with God, and to include him in their life. It’s very rare that I’m in a bad mood. I can’t function like that. Having attitudes and being mean to people. Thats dysfunctional to me.Which  brings me to this topic. I find that  some people try to take my kindness for weakness. It bothers me, because they seem to want me to be mean, because they rarely see it. When it comes to taking care of business, I’m a whole different person. And the words I use, are straight to the point ACTION WORDS. I want action when I’m taking care of business. I’m not talking to ANYONE, I want to talk to the person who can make decisions and make things happen for me, or whatever I’m involved in. When I do that, people mistaken it for an attitude. I don’t have an attitude. Its like give LaCrease what she wants, because it will get very UGLY if she doesn’t get her way. LOL Wow. Just because I’m not smiling, and showing all my teeth this time, I gotta attitude. I don’t play with people in authority ( where it concerns me) , I don’t keep them in my circle of personal friends, I don’t gossip, I’m friendly with everyone at work, but only 2 are my good friends. I call everyone MR. AND MS when I call them or refer to them. ALWAYS….even the gurls who are younger than me. I don’t feel right calling people by their first names. Thats just how I am. Now, I HAVE to do this. I have too. Because everyone knows I’m a respectable person, and so when it comes down to taking care of business with people in authority, they know I DO NOT BS. 


One day, I had to go to management about a date that I needed off. The rule is, if you find someone to work your day, management would take your name off the schedule, and add that other person to it. Both people have to sign their names on paper and agree to it. Okay, normally if my upfront manager is there, that person would do it, but if not you can go to another member of management to get it done. Well, this one day my manager wasnt there and I  found someone to cover my hours. This manager didn’t want to do it. I looked this person in the eye and said why? They said because they were busy, and they didn’t want to “touch” the schedule.This person thought I was the same smiley, “everythings gonna be alright LaCrease,”….. but I wasn’t. Okay, my thing is this. If YOU have the AUTHORITY to change it, then DON’T tell me you’re busy. Because now you’ve made me feel that MY SITUATION is unimportant. And when I go above your head, I’m going to tell that person just what you said about MY ISSUE. At first this person tried to make me feel that it can’t be done. So, I asked them……….. are you saying it’s AGAINST COMPANY POLICY… or is it that you don’t want to do it? Thats when they said they were busy. I said OKAY….. here’s the deal. I said, I NEED this done TODAY. I need to speak with someone who can make it happen. I said I understand that you’re busy, and that’s fine. But I need to speak with someone who can make DECISIONS. The eye contact I gave this person was so direct and probably intimidating. This person went on and did it themselves. And to this day I do not play, laugh and smile with managers. Because when its time to take care of business, your outcome with  THE BUSINESS YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF, is going to come down to how you conduct yourself on a regular basis. Then people say to me, well what did you do to get your way? I said… I don’t run behind the managers  365 days of the year. Just because a manager is friendly and talk to you, does not mean they are your “friends”. They are there on business, and they want their jobs just like you. The very  ones who run behind  them, will be the ones they tell NO first!


It’s all in the way you talk to people. Your presentation. Neisha tell me all the time, ma you always get your way. Gurl, I have favor from God! If its do able………. I want it done. I’m not bossy, I just know how to talk to people. I respect people. I don’t like to play games. Come at me straight forward, be honest. Quit taking my kindness for weakness, KNOW and UNDERSTAND my mentality. I RAISED a LAWYER…… CRIMINAL LAWYER @ that.  In my house it was truth (God) and honesty. Let me be nice, let me smile, let me be friendly. Let me enjoy where I came till now. When I take care of business, let me be ME.  So what I get results and have Favor…..it all comes FROM GOD.


My name is La’Crease J. Walker and I approve this message.


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