75 turned 86 ppl. Praise God! CFTH


This gurltheycallCree is TIED!!! Not tired, but TIED! LOL WE fed 86 people today!!! Our goal was to feed 75! God is the bomb. I can’t even try to express how I’m feeling right now. I can’t stop praising HIS name. Jeeeeeeesus!!! Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. I’m going  to post the video of my family preparing the food. As always, I was the camera gurl, making sure they were on their JOBS!! LOL Just playing. Check out the video and tomorrow I will post more photos and footage!!! What a wonderful God we serve. I am doing with I always wanted to do. Wow! For dinner we COOKED, Chicken and Dressing with cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, string beans with white potatoes, dinner rolls, potatoe salad. For desert each person had donuts, brownies, and cookies. Each person had water, pop, and juice.


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