CCSC 2 The Challenge is Here!!!

Thank you Lord for a wonderful day! Tomorrow is a big day
for the 27 of us in CCSC 2  Cree’s Clothes Size Challenge 2. We are going to
take off the pounds as a group. We will be losing weight, but the challenge to
some is to get in outfits that we once enjoyed before the weight gain. This is
going to be very challenging to me, because I eat when things are going well.
And things go well quite often for me * Thank you Jesus*. I’m an emotional
eating. When things are on my mind… I cant pick up a dime. LOL So, I’m kinda
excited, I was only expecting about 10 people, but after I posted to invite
people were signing in and ready to start. I know losing weight can become
boring, eating the same old foods, exercising, so that’s why I put a date on it
till Nov, and if it goes well, we will continue the group. There are a lot of
women in the group who work out 5 days a week!!! That’s what I’m talking about.
I have a member ship to the gym so I will be going Tuesday. I want to have this
certain look about me, that I am waiting to feel and see. You know weight can
keep you from doing so many things, and my personality is too big to be boggled
down in weight. Now, I’m speaking for myself. I know drinking water is going to
be challenging, but I’m glad I have this week off and part of next week because
I’m on vacation, this gives me time to really get this water in my system 80
I have a story to share that is really deep and personal for
me. I will post it tomorrow. It took me a long time to decide to write it. It
makes me sad, but I’m going to try to write it out tomorrow. Okay, gotta go
before I cry now.
Thank you Lord….for everything. I just LOVE YOU!!

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