” I cant wait to get home”,

Today I was riding the freeway on my way home, and I was listening to this Christian station, don’t even know how I found it, and the testimonies and songs were so inspirational, that I thought about how God calls us home. I’m a person who loves home, love to say ” I cant wait to get home”, and so when the families were sharing the last breath of their loved ones, they kept saying “home” That they went “home”. It made me have tears in my eyes all the way home, because I Love home!!! If  I can go “home” after I die, thats cool with me. When I get to thinking, man, I go deep and hard. I surprise myself what I come up with, just by hearing something, just by a thought.

 I’ve been watching Oprah’s Behind the Scenes Shows, kinda addicted to it, I think Im obsessed with how things are ran behind the scenes. I am such a behind the scenes gurl, I can be up front, but I like to be behind the scenes……. low key. But Im a woman who can BOSS UP when I need too. I hope that she has more to show, because I have seen all of the ones that comes on and are on DEMAND.

So many people are getting killed in this city, man seems like my time to leave isnt coming fast enough. These people are low down and heartless some of the stuff they are doing to another. People are really hateful and jealous hearted.

So, why is my room this junky? My room is OFF THE HOOK!!! LOL. I would never want anybody to see this baby. Im off starting Saturday, and I’ve got to clean it up real good. I can’t take it anymore.

 I went to the movies today when I got off work, thats my quiet time. Fell asleep in the show, and woke up to this kids talking, him with his mom.,……..like are you seriously talking 4 year old and 30 year old?? For real? In a movie with folks who paid money to see it? For real? They left, then came back, thought I was going to pass out when she returned and sat in my row. Then she moved to her regular spot, then to another spot. LOL I say to myself “please don’t let them come ova here”. LOL I went to see CARS, I LOVE MATER. HE IS MY BABY. I LOVE HIM. I know our connection… he’s a sweet heart, he loves his best friend Lightening McQueen, and he would do anything for him. What a good story it was…….. and in 3D….

Okay, Im sleepy, its almost 3 am. Me and Neisha watched 48 hours, & 48 hours missing persons it was soo good!!! I love those detective shows….Okay gotta go….  MY touch of ADD is kicking in!!! Night…Be Blessed

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