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Today was hotter than the smell of collard greens burning on the stove!!! Detroit is not used to this kinda weather. OMGEEEEE!! Whew it was 98 but the heat index made it feel like 108. Thats too much for us. Well, at the beginning of Spring, we had so much rain, people were complaining about all the snow we had, and they wanted Summer to get started. Well, the heat is on and it is not letting up for us for Rain or temperatures. So, I guess when God gives us something, we betta accept it because it can get worst. LOL And it did.

Today my Sister (Na) called in the middle going to Sam’s Club with Neisha and my mom, she wanted to know did I want to go out to lunch at Motor City Casino. Something told me ask her to come with us, I did, and she said yes. So, we went by her house and she decided to drive her own car, so we went downtown to eat, then we went to her City Hall to get some papers so that we can have our   Family picnic at the Park this weekend. Then we went over to my dad’s house to take him some Burger King, and we finally made it to Sam’s Club. We bought the things that we needed for the picnic, there are a lot of us, so we should have enough food.

One day  Na came over and we were having our talks ( they get deep sometimes too) and she was telling me that sometimes I act bossy, and I don’t like to listen, and I don’t let others get a word in. So, when she left I thought about that. I really thought about how I have heard that in the past, and even though I don’t mean any harm, I do come across strong. 

So, for the last few times that we’ve been together doing business I made it my business to let her lead and let her do things. I’m there for her if she needs me. And I try to explain to my sisters and brothers, I’m the oldest and it just automatic that I speak up when I have too, I do and see a lot of people about different things, and it’s just an instinct for me to speak or take order of things. But I can …..fall back. Now, my sister does her thang too. She married her high school sweetheart, married for 18 years, she has a Master Degree in Math, she works for the City of Detroit, and they own their own heating and cooling business. So, my Sister can take care of Business……..thats for sho. But its me…..big sister can take care of it issue. I’m always asking “are you okay”  is everything good?”. LOL I always ask people because I want them to be chilled. So, today my sister asked me, are you leading the driving  or me? Thats when I heard God again say….. Let her lead. That question there told me that this is really serious. I said….boo you are. I’ll follow you to the Casino, dad’s house, city building,Sam’s Club and where ever else. And she said …..lets roll. Now, usually I’ll say……. I’ll go first, and she will say OKAY. So, I see that I need to really just let my little sister (she’s 41) be a little sister . It felt good to fall back. It really did. She is always mindful of me. She values my input, she listens to me, she is always there for me, she always come and visits me, she tells me the juiciest secrets. And it’s about time that I just let her do things, its okay, I can fall back. Today we had a wonderful day. We had a good time together. Praise God. Thank you Jesus.

Dear Lord,  open up my heart to learn, to learn something new, to hear what others are saying to me, not to deny them or run them away with my misunderstandings. I want to learn from others how to treat them and to be treated. In Jesus name Amen!

Top photos My baby Sister Peedie… and Na

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