My Sister Peedie!


Hey Fam!
 Today I celebrate my sister Peedie! Peedie is my baby, I swear I had her, I love her sooooo soooo soooooo much.
Peedie is the baby of us 4. She feels she is suppose to get any and everything she ask for. I always tell her, when me and my other sister Na was getting whoopings where were you? lol Cause by the time she got old enough to get whoppings my mom and dad was tired! lollll. She missed out on all that.
Peedie is 32, a Capricorn and sweet as pie. We all ( gurls) try to get out and do sister things together. When we get mad at each other, we try to make friends before leaving who ever house we are at. We are always debating. We are a debating family lol. And my dad is the ring leader. My mom is a cancer and my dad a Scorpio. So we got all of that from him.
Peedie has 3 kids, Greg 15, Gary 12, and Ganell 10. They are my babies too. Me and Peedie live exactly 1-2 mintues away from each other. Our kids walk to each other house.
Last night I took her to see Gerald Levert in Casino, and my other sister Na, took us both out to dinner.
Today, I Thank God for giving me such beautiful and wonderful sisters. They are alllllllllllllllllll mines. lol
I love you PD
Your Sister Z ( nick name)
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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