My brother Bobby

First of all before I start off this entry. I want to first Thank God for the brother and the 2 sisters that I have. I want to Thank God for hand picking them to be my sisters and my brother. Lord, Thank you for my up bringing, we were taught to love each other, and respect each other.
We grew up with both our parents and people use to say \”whats it like having both parents living with you all \”, and we use to say it feels normal. As we got older we realize that we had grew up different. We went to dinner every Friday when my dad got  paid, we had money everyday, we got allowances. We took trips and barbequed so much, that to this day, people say we are barbecuing and we are like UGHHHH. Looking back we really had a good life.
Lord, I want to thank you for my family. There is a reason why I am writting this blog tonight.
I went to see the play Casino with my 2 sisters Na and Peedie tonight, along with my sister Na best friend. While at dinner, she was amazed at how close we are, and how good we get along. Its like normal to us because we love each other sooooo much it just dont make no sense. I told Tatianna that we look at her as a sister ( she dont have any sisters) and she started crying. It was so touching. So Im saying to myself, wow everything my dad taught us growing up as far as us being family and not fighting each other, and being there each other paid off. Its like we see it, when people say wow yall are really close.
So tonight of this 4 part story of my brother and sisters, I celebrate my brother bobby first.
Bobby our only brother is 33. He is single! He\’s  a construction worker who loves his job. He works from May-Nov and makes over $80,000 a year! He was a Marine for 4 years and he is looking for love!
Bobby is a Scorpio! He loves to debate. I love my brother, but this boy will talk your ears off if he gets you in his truck, his room and his house. I swear you better have all your house choirs done, for the next day or so, or you hit! lol He is a sweetheart too. When we were young we couldnt fight it was a rule. So now that we are older, we get into heated debates. I mean heated. That was our only defense back them was to argu, to hear a walker family argument will scare you. We wont fight, but we bite. lol
So here is Bobby!

3 Replies to “My brother Bobby”

  1. There is nothing like the joy of family. It sounds like you and your family have really been blessed and that means a lot in life to have those you love close to you… and your brother LOOK GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I’m a Cancer…Scorpios are GREAT with me! {wink!} lmaooooo

    Thank G0D for our siblings gyrl!!! i swear mine were hand-pikked as well…
    we are FOREVER making some LOUD LAUGHING scene…love shouldn’t be held-bakk!! let it FLOWWWWWWW 🙂
    great blog!
    i can’t wait to read about ur sisters!

    Stay Blessed Sis!


  3. your brother sounds like a good man ,just what my sister needs holla at me , we are going have hook them up. This makes me miss my brother I have three, 34,29,& 28, let me call them. Blessings later


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