Are you Sarcastic?

 I must admit……….I am very sarcastic. I think that people who are sarcastic have minds that goes here and there on subjects. No matter how I try to tone it down, I am always saying something that I aint got no  business saying. Sometimes I just laugh at myself. cause I cant belive that I am saying it.
All my life I wanted to be a Lawyer. I would tear a court room up with my cross examinations, accusations. I would rode rule a court room. I love to ask questions. Let me tell yall, I will be asking you one question, and before you can get it out, I would be on my 3rd one. lol
People say Im nosey, but I just want to know. I want to know who was the person, have you seen him before, what color he had on, what kind of shoes he was wearing, how was his hair, teeth, car he was driving. what time was it, who knows him out here. I swear with my skills I would terrorize a court room.
Thats why I love to watch Judge Judy, and Judge Mathis. They have me hollering!!!! She is soooooooo sarcastic.
I have to keep on being honest. I wouldnt hurt a fly. Im nice and very funny. But when I get mad or Im being funny there are some things that I have said that makes me laugh even when I think of it.
My old time favorites\’ sarcastic lines:
  • When Im on the phone and Im arguing or debating with them, and the person hangs up on me,. I will call  them right back and say……….. sorry my phone messed up, it made a mistake and hung up. lol
  • If Im in my room and my daughter comes in and change the channel while I was in the bathroom. I will say, Imma have to take this TV back, cause the remote be making a mistake and turn the channel. ( my daughter be hollering laughing)
  • If I have a pop sitting on the table, and I look at it and its almost gone from my daughter sipping it. I\’ll say go in the refrigerator and get my pop cause this one aint mines.
  • When Im at work and my light is off  at my register( cashier) and a customer walks up and start putting their items on the counter, just because Im standing there. I will look at the light and say \”dang did my light pop on and I didnt know it\’? I have this stupid look on my face. lol
  • My daughter is always going in my purse for some gum, so when I see her, I\’ll say, when you buy that purse like mines, cause I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww you aint going in mines w/o permission. Thats gotta be yours. lol
So my question to you : Are you Sarcastic? What are some things you say to people. Do you even like sarcastic people? so you have friends or family who are?
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

5 Replies to “Are you Sarcastic?”

  1. Sarcastic people get on my nerves but I love them because they be funny to me at the same time!!! (smile) I am sarcastic sometimes but not much.


  2. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss………ummmmmmm thats ME! {WINK}

    maynnnn its funny Cre, I have patience! alotttt of it too…HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i dunnooooo i have no patience forrrrrrr idle chit-chat…dumb-questions…i can NOT entertain those types of questionssssss so my first response is something SARCASTIC. everyone knows me already!!! lmaooooo its NUTTIN! so u know what…..everyone learns to COME CORRECT!!!! lmaooooo no guessing with Nick!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    howeverrrrrrrrrr a sarcastic person…lmao, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE….weird huh? they keep me on my toes, as with me, i will chekk myself so as to AVOID the sarcasm. lmaoooooooooooooooooo

    luv this blog baybee….seeee anotha thing we have in common.
    luh ya gyrl!
    God Bless ALWAYS!


  3. well Girl I’m very Sarcastic I dont try to be but sometimes when people ask you some very stupid ? it juts comes out, Like today I’m in the store and my 4yr old lil boy is calling my name mama mama baby brother is crying this lady standing in line ask me is those your kids I could not help it I said No they live across the street from me they just call me mom , she looked at me and walked off…. sometimes being sarcastic keeps you from snapping on people… loving this blogg


  4. lolllllllll yall know Im over here hollering right????? loll You told that lady that the kids live across the street and they call you mama????? GURL THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO CALL THE EMS TO PICK ME UP OFF THE FLO.I would have been hollering if I had heard that.

    See yall made me realize something. I dont either like stupid questions, , ignant conversations, ( not ignorant…..but ignant). We are not the ignitionators of being sarcastic. You are right Lady Singleton, people make us go there to keep from going off on somebody. If I dont get sarcastic then I will probaly end up ignoring them ( my favorite) or saying something that I have no business saying. And I noticed that when I am being sarcastic…IM TELLING THE TRUTH!

    This black lady walked up to me yesterday at work ( Walmart) and said “maam can you tell me if yall have any more table cloths” Im thinking to myself like dayum how would I know that” I could not beleive she was asking me this. So I said ( Lord dont be mad at me) “maam why would I know if we have any, if Im not looking for them???????? WHY? Why would I know maam?? She laughed a little, then she ask me did we have something else. I said “maam, you go down this aisle, turn up there, then go up 4 rows”, then she says BUT I DONT FEEL LIKE SHOPPING. Aint that deep???? I looked at her and walked away. SEe that kinda stuff makes me get sarcastic. But yall know what? I would never ever be sarcastic first. I only get like that if somebody is asking something dumb.

    To me when people make us get sarcastic,I feel that they want us to be apart of their “web”. They need to include someone in their web of mind games. How you gonna come shopping at Walmart, and tell a employee you dont feel like going back there to get it???? Ok my thing is this. If you dont feel like getting what you came for. I AINT MAD, COOL, BET. But when youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu stopppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and tell me that uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dont feel like shopping for yourrrrrrrrrr stuff, casue uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dont feel like it.

    Its time for Credog to ack up!

    Thats my view
    Cre ( smile)

    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


  5. Okay, yall trippin on this piece right here and I’m lamo!!!!!!!! I am Cre sister Na, and she has always been sarcastic as ever – ALL HER LIFE!! She is soooooooo funny with that, but the real reason people are sarcastic is to make the person asking the dumb question answer the dumb question. Being sarcastic is asking a question most of the time, well that’s what I found to be true with Cre – she will ask you a question and make you say to yourself – dangggg that was dumb wasn’t it.

    Holla at yo girl – Na


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