My biggest Aha Moment … Cree’s Blog Part 1

I was up late a few nights ago thinking about how I came to this place
in my life. I always knew that God wanted me to do something special in a way that it would reach hurting people because I knew that I could communicate well. So, in order to do that I had to go back in my mind and think of a place where it all began.

In 2002 I joined this online Ministry. I enjoyed reading the messages,
and love the support, and I really love the Leader of the group. She would give us homework to do and deadlines, we had on line chats, over the phone chats, it was really something different. As time went on, I knew it was just what I needed in my life, people to hold me accountable for Holy Living. As time went by I was one of the regulars, one of the ones who actually had behind the scenes things to do, and work that she had assigned. But I noticed I started questioning……dang why I gotta do this boring stuff? So, one day she asked me “Lacrease why haven’t you been doing the task that I’ve ask you to do”. My reply was… because I was busy working, and cooking, and woo, woo, woo. There were several of us NOT doing what she asked. As time went on, she asked me and several others to help her plan a Women’s Gathering in Chicago. I felt ( we all felt) that she was a great Leader and that since most of us didn’t live in Chicago she could do a greater job. She came down hard on us for that. We learned so much from her and how she does things, and how in order she did it. She was raising us up to be Leaders and most or none of us felt that we were. I didn’t. Every day she was teaching us how to do things in order, and to work behind the scenes, and to Lead. All, I knew was it felt good and it felt right.

I remember one day just before Oprah went off air, I was watching Iyanla Vanzant on her show, and while she was telling her side of the story, I kept saying to myself this gurl know she lying, she knew Oprah was trying to help her. But then she said something that “made ME get it”. She said “I hadnt struggled hard enough for it, I couldnt evenreceive it”. That was when I finally got it about all the things our Leader in AIMSK was teaching me. She allowed me to Lead many things. I received lots of responses on EVERYTHING I DID, but I thought “she wanted my work”. It wasnt that, …..she knew I was a Leader, and that she “training me up to be one”. I just couldnt receive it. Wow, what a Aha moment that was for me.

During this 2nd Women’s Conference, our Ministry Leader Angela wanted us to come to Chicago. We had workshops to attend, we had lots of entertainment, and we had transportation to everything. We even went to the Navy Pier and got on a midnight cruise on the The Odyssey . She and her Co-Leader Vanessa really made sure that this Conference was successful. It was beautiful and I’m very grateful for that. WE all were.

In Feb 2003 , she wanted The Conference Planning Committee to come to her HOME in Chicago ( what a home too) for a “Time to Relax”. I was selected as one of the 8.What a wonderful time in the Lord we had, cant even explain that one. We stayed in her home for that night and talked about God, she gave us assignments, we had prayer and worship. We ate fruits, she took us to this restaurant that was off the water somewhere, it was beautiful and very very very expensive. She took us to this hotel and we all had a full day pamper in the Spa. I had a wonderful time.

The last 2 times I went to Chicago, I rode the greyhound. Everyone was
flying in except me. I didn’t like it but I had to do it because I was scared to fly. When Angela called me and told me that she wanted/needed for me to fly to New York for our A.L.I.T.E. PROGRAM … I was scared! She said “Look you have got to get over that fear of flying”……God did not give you a Spirit of Fear, what if God wanted you to fly all over the county to Minister, what are you gonna do…….. go greyhound? LOL She said La’ Crease you can’t go on living that way. She said if I need you to fly here, or anywhere to be at a Conference or meeting you’ve got to get there quicker than greyhound. She told me to find a quiet spot in my house and that she was going to pray for me over the phone. So,
I found a quiet place in the bathroom, and she began to pray for me. Instantly I felt the Fear of flying leave my body. It was UNREAL!!! If you know me, you know I would never in my life get on a plane. I had this urgent desire to fly, it was so unreal to me, I told her that I’ll be there in New Jersey. Still to this day I’m not sure if she REALLY believed me. But maybe she did because she/husband
bought, and sent me a e-ticket that NIGHT to fly to New York to the La Guardia Airport. She told me that a man would be there waiting with my name on a paper, and that he would DRIVE me to New Jersey. Everything happened just as God said it would. I was so excited about flying, that when we landed in New York, I was mad because the flight wasn’t longer. LOL 

To be continued tomorrow

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