Anger ( continued)

 ( Continued for my last blog) I said Lord, I cant keep going through this, I want to stop it before it gets way out of hand. God knows that when I need a word from him, I will get some place, sit down and listen for him to speak to me.

In the voice that he always speaks to me he said: Imagine this…. Each day you wake up, before you go to the bathroom. Know this…..

God has people who punches a TIME CLOCK

Satan has people who punches a TIME CLOCK

Everyday you have to chose which clock you are going to PUNCH THAT DAY.

If you chose to punch God’s clock… YOU WILL BE helpful, and happy, joyful, loving, showing mercy and kindness. Smiling, and speaking life into everyone you come in contact with. Staying positive,no matter what the situation.

If you chose to punch Satan’s clock YOU WILL BE mean, ignorant, selfish, angry, evil, speaking and thinking negative, saying and doing all the things that are NOT of God.

He told me to imagine standing at each time clock and then deciding which one am I going to punch for the day.

He said: Checks are to be paid at the END OF LIFE!! God’s reward is LIFE with him FOREVER. Satan’s reward is LIFE with HIM FOREVER!

Then he said to me….. Satan’s people will do whatever they can to get you to come and work for him, meaning……. to respond to negative actions cause by his people. God told me whatever I do…… do not stop the work for HIM (GOD) to work for Satan.

Also… Satan’s people have been warned…. DO NOT stop the work they are doing for him ( Satan) to work for God. If you punch in to work for Satan, he wants you to continue to work for him.

Now, you decide when you first wake up in the morning to start your day……. WHICH TIME CLOCK WILL YOU PUNCH DAILY?

Coming up…..How I found the root to my anger.

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