My Vent….*feeling better* Cree’s Blog

So much has been going on since I last blogged. I’m going to have to break this down to 3 parts, because each part gets deeper and deeper. When I get to the last part, you do NOT want to miss this testimony. Its real deep.

I cannot STAND SELFISH people. I’m not JUST TALKING with gifts, money, or any form of physical thing, but also with how they treat people. Selfish people are the ones always needing something, and feel that when they ask for it, they should get it because they feel people owe them something. I’m also tired of people who take, take, ask, ask and when you take, ask or need, they need to get back to you. That’s a form of selfishness and control, and those are 2 things I do NOT play. I love people, and those around me knows this, but I will diss your a@@ in a New York Minute. I can go days, months, hours, and years trying to see good in a person, but when it hit me, ITS A WRAP. I know I can be blunt and out spoken, but I have to be, because I give to much of myself, and I’m tired of people thinking just because I’m nice and sweet , that I will allow myself to be ran through the mill. I will DISS YOU FOREVER!!!

I hate to be this way, but when you look back at peoples track record all you see is BS. Like are you serious? This week alone, I have to diss 3 people. I have too. I’m cleaning house of friendships. I don’t want to see them or talk to them again. That’s it. I’m done. My life is peaceful, my home is even more peaceful. I don’t have time for that ONE WAY STREET MESS!!! All because of SELFNESS! They are TOO SELFISH!!! I’m done talking about it. Its a WRAP!!

In OTHER NEWS…..I was talking to a coworker, when this guy walked up, and stood kinda behind me. He was tall and thick and handsome. He was looking at magazines. He looked down at me and I was like ummmmmm this brother is kinda cute. I love a man who is tall and stands over me like I’m a piece of paper. So, he left, and when it was time for me to punch out, he was at the time clock too. I said oh, I didn’t know you worked here. He said yeah I work in the back, I don’t come out on the floor. So, I was like Ohhhhh ( in my sexy voice). The next day I was in subway, and he comes and ask if he can sit with me. I told him yes, we started talking, and I sensed that he was young. So I asked him… how old do you think I am? He said…. about 32. I laughed. So, I asked him how old he was. he said 20. *blank stare*. I said boyyyyyyyy, do you know how old Ms. Cree is? He said how old? I said 44. He said I like older women. Okay AND……… I DONT LIKE YOUNGER MEN!!!!!! #lilboybye

Let me wrap this up because the more I think about these people, the angrier I become. #youreouttahere!





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